West End Live!

June 27th, 2017 by Pfluma


First, I do apologize for not writing anything in ages but I genuinely sat down to write an entry last week. Then I checked my phone and realised that I barely had any new pictures and didn’t really know what to say either. Buut now I think I have enough together to write something new!

So first let me tell you what I’ve been up to in school: That won’t surprise you but we have been working on Mamma Mia a lot! πŸ˜‰ Rehearsals can get very exhausting but I still love learning the choreographies and harmonies! We are making a lot of progress and I Β think it’s going to be great!. I am soo excited for the performance!! )It’s already in three weeks!!

In a bit more than a week, we’ll also have our recitals (everyone sings two songs). I will sing Please Don’t Make Me Love You from Dracula and The Witch from Big Fish, which are both awesome songs. I love singing them and have been working on them for a long time now, so I am very excited for that too (and I’ll hopefully get someone to film it, so you can see it too!) πŸ˜€

That’s that for school! When I’m not there, I am usually quite lazy and watch a lot of tv shows but every now and then I do leave the house!

Once for example, I left the house to go to Theo’s to… WATCH TV πŸ˜€ We did a Harry Potter Marathon and it was awesome!! (and over 20 hours long) I stayed strong and didn’t fall asleep at all (Theo slept for an hour or so) and it was worth being totally tired the evening after!

On one weekend, Nora, Aniela and I went to the beach to have a barbeque and that was lovely too. I took some funny stone pictures then!

Nora and I also made muffins at one point! πŸ˜€

We went to a different beach as well where you can find parts of little fossils and spent some time looking for them. We found quite a lot!

Then we also had this one week where it was just too hot and the first thing I’d do when coming home after school is take shower as cold as possible (You cannot imagine how hot it got on the bus in the afternooon!!!!)

IT WAS TOO HOT (Also look how long my hair is!)

But luckily it cooled down a bit and now I’m fnally coming to most awesome part of this blog entry:

Last weekend, Theo and I went to London to watch West End Live. West End Live is a FREE (how amazing is that!?!?) two day long open air event and there’s just this big stage in Trafalgar Square and there are performances all day long (mostly West End Musicals like Wicked, Phantom of the Opera Les Mis etc) as well as performers doing solos. IT WAS GREAT AND SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVED IT SOOO MUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!

And because we already were in London, I felt like I had to watch a full musical as well so Theo and I went to see Book of Mormon (I’ve seen it three times already now and I still want to see it again and again because it’s the most funny and best thing ever!) πŸ˜‰

So that was my weekend!!

And now comes the part of our story that gets a little bit sad: (that’s a book of mormon quote by the way)

So yesterday was Nora’s last evening (she doesn’t leave England until Thursday but she’s spending the last few days at her friend’s place). It was quite sad and the house does feel quite empty at the moment. But luckily I’ll meet her in Canterbury tomorrow to properly say goodbye. I will miss her a lot!!

So here’s the picture of the week (month?) in honour of Nora!


I’m too lazy to think of a title

June 4th, 2017 by Pfluma


First of all, for my fans πŸ˜‰ , who are sad because there hasn’t been a new entry, sorry! The first week I didn’t have a lot to tell and after that I was too busy to write one! But now the time has finally come!

The problem is that I don’t remember that much now, so I’ll have to rely on the pictures I took!

At some point in the last three weeks, I went to the cinema again (I LOOOVE MY UNLIMITED CAARD)

We also played a really intense game of Monopoly!

On one Sunday, we went to the American Gardens (I don’t know why they’re called that, though). They’re close to where Aniela has her bees so it was really easy to get there. Look at the looovely pictures I took!

On the last Wednesday before halfterm, we had another performance in the evening. We performed our Street Dance and the choreographies for the London performance (as a final rehearsal). It was so incredibly hot that day, it was awful! And we had to dance! IT WAS TOO HOT!

And theeeeeen on Saturday, the 27th of May! Finally we had our performance in London! In a proper theatre! A big one! IT WAS SO EXCITING!!

And after that, after 9 months (9 MONTHS!) I finally saw (part of) my family again!!! We spent a few days in London and it was just lovely and great!! We went to Camden Market, the Harry Potter studio tour, to Pizza Hut and to watch Book of Mormon! It was great!

Oh, and I also found the TARDIS!

I also saw Phantom of the Opera again (third time now) with Emil and it was amazing to just catch up with and spend some time with my awesoooome brother!

Here have another Clifftop Cafe picture because they’re just always nice!

That’s it already! I do apologise for this blog being really short and weird (at least there are nice pictures in it!) but it is quite difficult to remember what I did three weeks ago! πŸ˜‰

And don’t worry, I did not forget the picture of the week:






May 14th, 2017 by Pfluma


This week was so extremely busy for me that I actually have looaaads to tell you this time!

The week before that was quite normal, though, I just watched a lot of tv and had an exam AND a controlled assessment on the same day (Friday). On Saturday, we also went to a shopping centre which was nice.


On Monday, we had a dance rehearsal the whole day for our performance in London at the end of May. This meant we just danced the whole morning (very exhausting). In the afternoon, we had to tie-dye shirts as costumes for one of the choreographies. It was quite funny, although I got colour on my hands and my skin didn’t like it much! It also looked like I had huge bruises and Nora and Aniela were really worried for a second before I started laughing! πŸ™‚

Then, on Tuesday, we had rehearsals for our minimusicals the whole morning. We tried to rehearse as best as we could without one of the main characters (Kai, who plays Freddie, had X-Factor auditions πŸ™‚ ). I also accidentally broke the retractable knive… Oops

Now, let’s talk about Wednesday….

I had to be at school at 9 for final rehearsals for our minimusicals. We did that the whole morning and sadly, I broke the knife (that Robyn had fixed the night before) again… Oops, I did it again… Luckily, she got her Mum to buy a new one, so Susan didn’t have to beat Freddie to death with her fists or her cane!

We finished at about halfpast 12, which gave me half an hour to have lunch before I had my second English exam from 1 to 3…

Getting ready to perfooorm (but feeling exhausted after English)

When I finished that exam, I had about an hour to get ready for the minimusical performance that was assessed. Then we performed it (it went quite well, although I was really exhausted by the end of it) and watched some of the other performances.

And after that, no, I still wasn’t allowed to go home, we had to do our final controlled assessment (just write 800 words about the performance and the rehearsal process) from what must have been around halfpast 6 to halfpast 7…

After that, I went to get some food, then took the bus home. Because it was already late (I left Canterbury at 9) there weren’t many busses in Folkestone and I just missed one, so I had to walk home (for almost half an hour…)

Byebye Suuuusaaan

So, when I finally came home, I felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired, I just fell into bed. I can’t remember ever having been so exhausted before!

Thursday and Friday were both normal school days and when I didn’t have school, I mainly used the time to relax and regain my energy!

Tired bus selfie

Saturday was an aaaweeeesooooome day!! I went to London in the morning, where I met….


It was lovely to see her again, although she did force me to take pictures of her and Big Ben! πŸ˜‰ While we were waiting to take pictures, we saw a couple that must have just married.

This alone wouldn’t have been worth mentioning in my blog, but the funny thing was, that, as soon as the bride left, another couple went in front of us and all of the sudden, the guy drops to down on his knees and proposes to the girl (She said yes). It was really cute and Melanie and I had to laugh because it was just a really funny situation!

The couple

After that we had lunch in Pizza Hut and just talked. It was great.

Apple juice in Pizza Hut

And theeeen…. It was musical time!!

I chose Mamma Mia because I thought that it would definitely help me for our performance and it was really great seeing a show, when you basically know the whole script! I just love ABBA music, so it was really enjoyable, although almost a bit too loud (I was close to a speaker).

After that amazing day, I just spent today at home, actually learning lines and songs for Mamma Mia. πŸ™‚

And here the picture of the week, obviously featuring Susan!


Mamma Mia and Mini Musicals!

April 30th, 2017 by Pfluma

HELLO (my name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book… NO LUNA STOP SINGING THE BOOK OF MORMON)

(I’m just warning you now, I’m sorry that some of the pictures are really big and some a bit distorted but it somehow didn’t let me do anything with them and I was just TOO LAZY to find out how or upload them again!) πŸ˜‰

I wish I had a lot to tell you but honestly, lazy luna is still around!

She has been quite busy and bingewatched all of Lucifer in a very short time and is now bingewatching Sense8 and almost finished as well, although she only started Β watching it some days ago… Oops…

But!! When forced to go outside, she still manages to take some nice pictures for her fans (aka family that is reading the blog).

Lazy Luna also went to the cinema again, she just could not help herself because the temptation is just always there now!

But now enough of Lazy Luna! Because as soon as she arrives in school, she turns into Less Lazy Luna!

Rehearsal time!

Less Lazy Luna, while still being quite lazy, actually does stuff every now and then! She sings and dances and acts!

School at the moment mostly means either working on Mamma Mia or on our Mini Musicals (which I chose as a title because it’s a nice alliteration).


Mamma Mia is definitely going to be fun, although I do have to admit that it is very cheesy and therefore sometimes a bit cringy to act! And in choreographies, I need to learn two parts because I’ll be Rosie in one performance and in the ensemble in the other one, which is quite challenging at times! πŸ™‚

I don’t have any Mamma Mia pictures, sadly, but I made some screenshots (you’ve already seen three of them) from a rehearsal video for our mini musical (that doesn’t have a name yet).

And so I have a bit more to write about, I’ll just tell you what our mini musical is about. We made up the story ourselves, although it is inspired by the Truman Show! In case you didn’t know, I play the evil mother, which is great fun! Here’s the story…

Once upon a time….

There was a girl named Paige. Her whole life was a musical and she sang and danced the whole day. She was very happy.

Mother (me) and Daughter, everyone’s happy!

What she didn’t know, though, was that her life was a tv show! Everyone in her life was an actor: Her boyfriend, her friends, her mother… And most of these actors didn’t even like Paige, they hated their job! But they signed a contract, so they had to stay. On top of that, they were scared of the person controlling the tv show, only known as The Voice.

Annoyed actors!

But Freddie, Paige’s “boyfriend” really loved Paige, so he chose to tell her the truth. Paige was shocked, but still decided to escape to the real world with Freddie. Her mom, Susan (that’s me) was not happy at all with that, though, and tried to stop them from leaving without having to stop the show.

She might even have succeeded but sadly, she started getting into singing her solo way too much, giving Freddie and Paige a chance to escape!

Holding that note for as loong as possible

She then sent the actors to the real world to get Paige back. Paige, meanwhile was shocked at how horrible the real world actually was. Homeless people, smoke, grey sky… The musical world was much better! The actors thought the same, realising that they preferred the fake world. They then lured Paige back by singing and dancing for her. Freddie reluctantly agreed to come back with her because he didn’t want to leave her. But then: Before he could go back, Susan showed up, revealing that she was The Voice, the person that controlled everything!

And she felt that she had to get rid of Freddie because he was the only one that might stop Paige from going back and being happy in the fake world. And because Susan was a very crazy and evil person, she killed Freddie.

EVIL MOTHER (I will have a retractable knife in the actual performance)

Paige witnessed this and was devastated. Susan did not really have any pity with her, though, and told Paige that she should go back and remember that they were still a family and so on. (in song form obviously!)

Paige did go back to the tv show but not willingly which is why Susan had to force her to still sing and dance happily (for example by putting her in handcuffs).

But hey! At least Susan didn’t have to cancel her tv show! And they (mostly meaning Susan) lived happily ever after!

Wait? Where’s the happy end?!


Oh and here the picture of the week!

I saw that cute owl in a shop in Sandwich and it immediately reminded me of… MYSELF!


April 17th, 2017 by Pfluma


Do you want to know what I did during the last two weeks?



Because I’m not in the mood for a “normal” blog entry (on tuesday I did this, on wednesday this etc.) I’m going to split my holidays in different poems!



Once upon a time

There was a girl called Lu

She really liked to rhyme

So she shall rhyme for you!

School was really exhausting

So Luna needed rest

She got up late in the morning

And did what she does best:

Sleep and read and watch tv

And sing and write and drink some tea

A 89 days Danish streak

That’s what Lu did for one whole week!

Lazy Luna in her natural environment


What to do when you’re at the beach?

Swim or eat or write a speech?

“No!” Lu says, “that’s not the way!”

There’s a much better way to spend your day!

First, eat some scones

Then focus on the stones!

Build a tower

Hour after hour

And feel the power

Of the stones!


Lu went to a magical place

called Kent Life

It was like being in Newt’s case

full of animals and wildlife

There were little lambs and pigs

And goats and owls and chicks

They were all really cute

Especially the goat that really wanted food!


There’s a new friend in Luna’s room

It’s a lovely wardrobe with loads of space

It gives her room a sense of grace

It’s big enough to consume

All of Lu’s clothes and more

And it even has a door!



Where the Musicals are

Where cars and busses are at war

Where thousands of people live and breathe

Where the underground is full of thieves

That’s where Lu spent a day

Having loads of fun



The sea is blue

Grass is green

Flowers: Yellow, Purple, Red

But I never knew

Β That the sea can be green too

(That’s a lie if you know what I mean

I just needed a rhyme to redeem

my abilities as a poet

Though after this I dread

That my reputation is dead)


Lu loves going to the cinema

And at least twice a month she goes

so she got herself an unlimited card

And can now go as often as she likes

once, twice, a hundred times…

Who knows?


“Luna”, some of her pictures said,

“You promised a poem every one of us’d get!”

Luna felt bad

The pictures were mad

So here’s the poem for the lonely pictures on her phone

they’re now really happy cause they know that they are known


There are many pictures but one always wins

It’s funny and awesome, the king of the kings

Beautiful, special and really sleek

Yes! It’s the picture of the week!

This water had an important message for me: BE LU! BECAUSE LU IS AWESOME πŸ˜‰


April 2nd, 2017 by Pfluma


Sooo, on the 25th of March, we (Aniela, Fran, Darren, Nora and me) celebrated my birthday with lovely foood, an awesome caaake and Sweeney Todd (because I really wanted to watch a musical!).

I got so many lovely presents, have a look:

On Sunday, it was mother’s day in England, so we went to have lunch, it was really nice!

Monday was extremely exhausting! I had my English speaking exam (which just consisted of me talking about musicals and answering questions about musicals, so it was easy, really.) Then we had our Musical Theatre History Performance which didn’t go that well but now I’m just glad it’s over!

I stayed awake that evening until my birthday officially started!

My birthday was lovely, I got so many lovely messages and presents! I bought the three things I wanted and went to see Beauty and the Beast again in the afternoon! In the evening I had a great dinner with Anieal and Nora and we watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!

Theeen on wednesday, we had a performance in the evening (which was our assessment) and I got picked to sing a solo as well (that email was a great birthday present). My solo went really well and the two dances went okay as well. Some of my classmates were very eager to do my make up so I let them and had some fun while taking it off!

On Thursday, I suddenly found myself alone in the bus!

On Friday, I made awesome salad

This weekend, the weather was lovely so Aniela and I went to the clifftop cafΓ© twice!

We also went to see the bees twice, so here have the picture of the week!



March 19th, 2017 by Pfluma


I was extremely busy the last few weeks, we have several group projects and looaaads of written work which is why there were no new blog entries! Because I didn’t do much, this week I’ll just tell you random facts, rather than explaining day by day what I did! I also didn’t take many pictures but I did take loads of pictures on two days of my bus journey from Canterbury to Folkestone, so you’ll be able to see my daily journey! πŸ™‚

Today it has been exactly 200 days since I left Switzerland!

I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and thought it was amazing! Perfect cast and great music!

Because we all loved the movie so much, we listened to the soundtrack about five times today!

I had a great cheesy Burger before the cinema!

I do eat healthier food as well, just to let you know, but the unhealthy food just looks better on pictures most of the time πŸ˜‰

March has been a great reading month for me, I’ve already read 7 books this month!

In our mini musical, I’m the villain and get to sing Mother Knows Best and it is sooo much fun (I probably told you that before but I don’t care)!

Tomorrow I’ll perform New York Do You Care in front of the people who composed and wrote the song!

On the 10th of March, my class went to Move It in London. It’s a dance convention and it was amazing! So many good dancers!

I got a face on my hand because of Nora’s nails (it was an accident, we didn’t fight or anything πŸ™‚ )

I love smoothies.

This is one Aniela made herself πŸ™‚

It was so warm last wednesday that i had a frappuccino instead of a warm coffee!

I’m going to be 18 in 9 days!

I had so much homework the other day that I finished it at halfpast 4 (am) and because I had so much coffee, I couldn’t sleep so I ended up watching an episode of Hannibal and sleeping three hours! (I felt sooo tired the next day!)

I’ve started watching Lucifer, I’ve already seen 5 episodes and I think it’s a hilarious tv show!

Some weeks ago, I remembered that I love apples so now I always take an apple with me to school (An apple a day keeps the doctor away!)

I looooooove grapes!

The starbucks staff knows me so well by now that they’ve started chatting and joking with me while I wait for coffee!

I’m currently watching 5 tv shows (some not frequently but still): Lucifer, Lie To Me, Scream, Dexter and Hannibal!

Because of watching an amazing Danish movie I’ve downloaded a language app and I have been learning Danish for 60 days now (Just for fun and I can’t properly say anything anyway)

On my birthday, I am planning to buy myself three birthday presents: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (the dvd is out on my birthday), Strange the Dreamer (a book that’s coming out on my birthday and that I’m really looking forward to) and Penny Dreadful (because the box set is cheaper now and because I can legally buy it!)

On tuesday I often cook pasta with Β a sauce, cucumber and tomatoes!

I am listening to the fourth Harry Potter audiobook at the moment and it’s a great way to make things like walking to school, doing the washing up or cleaning more interesting.

On the 27th and 29th of march I’ll have performances and from the first of April, I’ll have a well-deserved break for two weeks!

My school can be really unorganised at times: Sometimes we don’t know in which rooms our lessons will be and I have an exam on my exam timetable that I already passed last autumn (Maths)!

I’m going to come home in 125 days!

This picture is me on the bus I take once I arrive in Folkestone!

And here the picture of the week:

Complete happiness when I could finally go to sleep after an exhausting day!

Luna’s Great Adventures

March 5th, 2017 by Pfluma

Why, hello my dear friends!

The more avid readers among you, dear friends, might have come here last week, hoping to find new jolly and merry stories of my life in England. You have probably left utterly disappointed because of the lack of a new entry, leaving you with nothing but all the old stories you already know!

It is true, my dear friends, I have let you down last week! Even great Luna’s life sometimes gets dull and bland and her creativity fails to produce a new and decent blog entry (Poor Luna also didn’t have enough pictures to fill her stories with colour and life!)

But fret not, my dear friends! After two long, dark and tiresome weeks without a new entry, the time has now come for new fun stories and pictures!

Like many stories, this one begins at sunset after an exhausting school day…

Our main character, Luna, has finally made her way home on Friday after an arduous week of singing, acting and dancing. Yes, Luna has overcome her injuries from the battle of the settee enough to be able to dance again!

On Saturday, the common folk stays at home and rests. But not so Luna! Like all main characters, she goes on great adventures when she’s not on school!

Bravely, she leaves the house early in the morning (halfpast 9) and after defeating the vicious monster that guards the train (by buying a ticket at the ticket machine) she is allowed to embark on the journey to London.

There, Luna meets up with two of her fellow hero friends, because everyone knows that a trio is much stronger than one lone hero!

After passing several difficult tests (security stuff, no food allowed), our three heroes gain entrance to the big O2 castle where two hours of entertainment wait for them (The X-Factor Tour concert).

They have a terrific time together but soon, as all main characters sometimes have to, they are forced to split up! Further adventures await Luna’s hero friends in Herne Bay, but as Luna is the main character of this story, we shall follow Luna back to Folkestone where she has more monsters to battle and dragons to slay.

Luna faces many more challenges in another week of school. But then, the next weekend, the time has come and Luna may face her biggest challenge yet! Bacteria and dirt have taken siege over the bathroom! This Luna cannot allow! She immediately prepares for battle by eating huge amounts of food! (A/N the author would like to remark here that Luna did not actually eat all of this food at the same time, these pictures were taken over a longer amount of time.)

It is an exhausting fight, taking over an hour but then, finally, Luna manages to defeat dirt and bacteria with only a few losses on her side (mainly soap and water).

Once again, Luna has saved the day and everyone is eternally grateful. As a reward, beautiful magic flowers now grow in the house (Maybe, my dear friend, if you are an attentive reader, you remember the day and blog entry where Luna has received these magic seeds.)

And now, as every good story needs an epilogue that leaves the mind thoughtful, Luna wants to share with you the message her magic hair has delivered to her (picture of the week):

A/N: The story of brave Luna might have been inspired by Game of Thrones (We just finished season 6 today!) πŸ˜‰


A Wicked Week!

February 19th, 2017 by Pfluma

At first, let me introduce you to the newest members of my little friends!

Sherlock and John!!

After the exhausting monday in London, we had a relaxing day on tuesday! Because it was Valentine’s day we did go out to get some nice cupcakes. After that we just watched Game of Thrones and Bridget Jones’ Baby (It was as funny as the first time we watched it!).

On wednesday I went to London (again!). I travelled there with Aniela and Fran and then went off on my own to Tibits where I had a nice lunch (and waited impatiently until it was time to go to my musical).

Then I went to see Wicked! It was just amazing, although the performer I would have liked to see was ill. πŸ™ But the understudy was amazing and I just love the music and the costumes and everything, so I could still enjoy it 100 %. The only bad thing was that when I entered the theatre, there were so many people you could hardly move. So everyone just stood there for several minutes until they finally opened the doors to go to the seats.

After the musical, I met with Aniela and Fran again and we went to the same restaurant as on monday. It was really nice again.

Next to the wicked theatre, I saw this and needed to take a picture! Hamilton is an amazing musical that will be in London from next autumn on (and is already sold out)

On thursday, Nora and I went bowling with the other exchange students. It was nice (I won the first game) and I also took some nice pictures of the sea that day.

On friday we just stayed and home. That basically means we watched lots of Game of Thrones again (we’re on season 4 already now).

Ready for GoT!

Yesterday we went to do the shopping and went on a short walk to see how the bees were doing (they all survived! πŸ™‚ ).

We also ate a delicious stew (it was amazing!).

Today we went for another walk and had coffee again in the book cafe. It was lovely!

It has been a really warm week, it almost feels like spring, so that was really nice!

Flower in the Garden!

And here the pictures of the week, this time, “Washing Up Impressions”

Mamma Mia and loads of (wax) Celebrities!

February 13th, 2017 by Pfluma


Remember when I talked about the auditions for our workshop musical Mamma Mia? Well, on Monday late in the evening (after days of painful waiting) we finally got our cast list. And I’m Rosie! She’s one of the two best friends of the main character (Donna) and it means I get to sing songs like Take a Chance on me, Dancing Queen and Chiquitita so I’m really happy! Almost all roles got doublecast, so I’m sharing my role but I don’t mind that at all! Β πŸ™‚

On Thursday, we had a Performance in the evening which as always meant a lot of waiting. I also ended up going to Pizza Hut again! The performance was very short (just one song) but it went quite well and maybe it they will put it up on youtube (I’ll obviously send the link if I have one!).

One of my friends took this cute picture of me in Pizza Hut πŸ™‚

In the weekend, we were really shattered, so on Saturday, we had a nice long Game of Thrones Bingewatch, it was great!

On Sunday, we watched a lot of Game of Thrones too, but we also went for a short walk and went to this great cafΓ© where there walls are just full of bookshelves and books! It’s really nice there. πŸ™‚

So, you see, not a lot happened last week! But today we went to London to Madame Tussauds! It was reaaaally exhausting but great!

We waited 3 (!) hours to get in and I know that sounds awful but there was really great music and Nora and I had quite a lot of fun listening (and singing and dancing πŸ˜‰ ) to it. So it didn’t feel like 3 hours at all!

And then we were in there and it was awesome and it’s best explained in pictures!

After that, we went to Baker Street (it’s very close to Mme Tussauds) to get a picture of 221B and then we went to have dinner in a restaurant at the train station. πŸ™‚

I’m quite tired now but I think it was a really nice day (though a bit stressful) πŸ™‚

Pictures of the weeeeeeek (I call them “Cooking Impressions”: