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A nice week and a really nice thursday

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

And another week gone! Time flies!

The longer I’m here the less I’ll probably have to write here because everything starts to become normal! But I’ll try my best. πŸ˜‰

Last friday, I had my first Ballett lesson! I really enjoyed it, more than I think I would and I can’t wait to learn more and (hopefully) improve. πŸ™‚


trying on my ballet shoes! (I think they’re a bit too big…)

On Saturday I went to Canterbury to meet Kathrin and it was really nice to talk and share experiences. And we went to a place where you can eat extremely delicious waffles and crepes and stuff. I had a waffle and it was amazing!

On Sunday we went to a thing called euromilitaire. I especially enjoyed the fantasy figures (Game of Thrones!) they were quite impressive. Here a nice example:

He looks unknowing, doesn't he?

He looks unknowing, doesn’t he?

Then we went to the clifftop cafe again (I looove it) to have some lunch.

selfie time at the clifftop cafe!

selfie time at the clifftop cafe!

And theeen… We had another adventure with the bees! This time we took away some honey and it was really crazy because the bees found the honey and followed us to the car and we almost couldn’t get away without getting bees in the car! (5 managed to sneek in).

We also made really nice biscuits! (And watched the X-Factor and Victoria again. Obviously)

proud bakers!

proud bakers!

And then school started again and nothing special happened so I’m going to skip right to Thursday!

Thursday was a really really nice day! Our class met earlier than school started (we had school from 2 until 6) and almost everyone brought cake. It’s now called cake thursday (though I hope we don’t do it every week πŸ˜‰ ) and it was really nice. In school we had singing and acting. The singing was great, there are so many new things I learned and I love it so much! The acting part was for the pantomime (a British thing… Google it if you want to know what it is) that we’re going to perform (we don’t know which fairytale we’ll do yet) and it was really funny.

In the evening we went to the Cinema! But first we ate dinner. Look what I had! (it was delicious!!)

Udon noodles! Yummy!

Udon noodles! Yummy!

We saw the movie Bridget Jones’s Baby and it was really good. My favourite Bridget Jones movie! It was hilarious and I laughed so much. And of course there were many good actors (Colin Firth, Emma Thompson etc) so I would have liked it anyway!


Today I had dancing lessons and before that a weird lesson called mentoring. It’s only for exchange students to help us if we have any questions or problems and to learn speaking. I don’t think it’s really necessary but it’s not that bad either…

feeling ballett-ish at home!

feeling ballett-ish at home!

Before I went to the dancing lessons I had some free time and I just had this feeling that I should go into a bookshop though I didn’t really have a book in mind that I wanted to buy because the one that I’m really excited for isn’t out until next week… Well… I should say it shouldn’t be out until next week cause guess what I found in the bookshop?

favourite author's new book!!!

favourite author’s new book!!!

Yes! After asking the author on twitter how that is possible she answered me that “some booksellers have gone rogue”. Of course it made me happy that she answered and that’s one of the reasons today was a really nice day too!

the amazing bookshop! (the weather's quite nice too...)

the amazing bookshop! (the weather’s quite nice too…)

Oh and by the way: My patronus is a West Highland Terrier, I just thought you should know. πŸ˜‰ #pottermore #ExpectoPatronum

that felt like a place where I could use my patronus! It's on my way to the bus :)

that looks like a place where I could use my patronus, doesn’t it? It’s on my way to the bus πŸ™‚

School, Bees and Honk!

Friday, September 16th, 2016

So now it’s already been two weeks (and two days!) since I left Switzerland! So let me tell you what happened this week:

On thursday, I finally got my timetable!


Looks interesting, doesn’t it? I’m sure you all know what subjects I have now!

Wait, you don’t? Well, neither do I!

Okay, to be honest, I’m slowly starting to understand it! here the things I know: on friday I have dancing lessons from 4 to 6 pm. Which means I come home at about 8… But the lessons I had so far were amazing and I’m really looking forward to more dancing! I’m also really glad that I’m in the class with not so much dancing experience, I really fit in there and my three years hiphop help me now.

I don’t know how to call the subject we have on monday… I only know that for the next month or so, we have a workshop, which I think is really exciting, so let me explain: There are two women currently writing a musical together coming to our school for this workshop. To try new things and help them seeing new aspects for their musical, we’re singing some of the songs and we already read some parts of the script. I think this is great because there is a possibility that this musical will be played someday and to know that you were involved is pretty nice!

On tuesday we have dancing classes (week A) or singing (and I think acting sometimes) and studio class (week B). Now I’m in week B, so I had singing. It was amazing! I learned so much technique already! In studio class everyone gets a song assigned which he or she than sings in front of the class. Afterwards the teacher gives feedback and works with the pupil for some minutes while the others learn something from watching! It’s so interesting to hear so many different people sing songs from musicals. After the morning I have one hour to eat lunch and change to the other school campus where I have Maths! I had to solve a test (the kind of test you are doing at the end of the year) to practise and it was so easy that when I started solving it, I wondered for a moment if it was a joke!

Wednesday is a very easy day for me because I only have English lessons. This week I went to Canterbury a bit earlier to finally buy all the things I need for school. I was quite successful and bought almost everything I needed! The English lessons are not that interesting but not bad either. We’re five people, four of us are exchange students. πŸ™‚

reading in the bus!

reading in the bus!

On Thursday (in Week B) we have Dancing lessons and then the Musical Theatre lesson (singing, Studio class etc.). In week A we have more Musical Theatre lessons instead of dancing. In the evening I went eating dinner with my class and it was really nice because that way I finally got to know them a bit better. We went to Pizza Hut and it was so delicious! I ate a pizza with stuffed crust which means there’s cheese in the crust! Sooo goood!!

By the way: Honk! is a musical about the ugly duckling and I have to practise a song from it (it’s called Every Tear A Mother Cries) for Studio Class. I just put it in the title because it makes it sound nice πŸ˜‰

And now you are probably wondering: What about the bees? I came here to read about bees, so why are there bees in the title but not in the text?!

Be patient my dear reader! If you have been observant you’ll notice that I haven’t written anything about the weekend. So now you’re asking yourself: Did Luna sleep the whole weekend? Did she spend it in her room? Did she just stop existing for two days?

The answer is of course no! One could say that I have been a very busy bee in the weekend!

On saturday we helped Aniela get a place ready to put beehives there.



Afterwards we went for a walk where I took many pictures of the lovely sea! (I think we did more but I have honestly already forgotten it…)

A picture of me taking a picture

A picture of me taking a picture


On sunday we went to see the bees! At first I was a bit scared but after a while I found the bees to be really cute. There was a hive with two queens (one will probably get killed soon…) and that is extremely rare!

awesome beesuits!

awesome beesuits!


Before we went to the bees we cleaned the house and after that went to the clifftop cafe. You can drink your tea while having an amazing view!



In the evening, we watched the X Factor and Victoria (as usual).

Well that was my week! I really love everything so far and I’m so glad that I’m in the Musical Theatre Programme because it’s great!

P.S. Today I can finally enjoy proper English weather πŸ˜‰


My first week in England!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016


After a whole week, I’ll finally start my blog now! Yay! Because it has been a crazy and busy week, this post will probably end up way too long and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to read the whole thing! But just know that not all of my posts will be that long!

Let’s start!

On wednesday we flew from ZΓΌrich to London.



The flight itself was really nice but it started to get annoying when we arrived in London. We had to wait for other exchange students and then one poor girl didn’t get her hand luggage and had to search it (she got it back two days later…), so we had to wait about two hours (exhausting!!). I was so tired that night, I went to bed between 8 and 9 o’clock if I remember correctly!




The first thing we had to do on the next morning was waiting for breakfast… But after that it was great: We had lovely weather and could admire London on a boat tour. After that, we had some free time and I ate my first fish and chips! I really liked it (and sadly I forgot to take a picture… Have a red telephone box instead!)




In the afternoon we went to Camden Market where we had even more free time!




On the next day, we went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Not that I really saw anything… There were way too many people (to be honest, I don’t quite understand why they make such a fuss about it, it’s not that interesting…)

Poor guard just standing there all day...

Poor guard just standing there all day…

Right after that we went on the London Eye. Very impressive! (But it would have been nicer, if the weather had been better and if I hadn’t been so hungry!)




Then we went to the Oxford Circus station (with the Underground of course!) where we had four hours free time. If you don’t know: Oxford street is in London’s West End and we passed several musical theatres (it broke my heart not to go in…). Because I was so hungry, the first thing I did was to finally eat lunch (in the afternoon). Guess where we went!



Then we went to Picadilly Circus, to a bookshop (Waterstones, my new heaven!) and then to Starbucks (which is very cheap in England!). It was a very exhausting day!




And on Saturday, we finally went to meet our host families! I finally met my host sister Nora (she was in London too but I didn’t know what she looked like) and we had to drive three hours until we were in Folkestone where we finally met Aniela. She is really great! The house and my room are really cozy and I really like it here!

my room!

my room!

On sunday, we just chilled. We drank tea (we drink tea every day and I love it!), went to Canterbury (I love Canterbury!) and in the evening we watched three episodes of Victoria (a tv show about Queen Victoria, it’s awesome!). I really love being able to watch British tv shows live! We also met Aniela’s daughter and her boyfriend and they’re both really nice too.

shaky tea picture!

shaky tea picture!

And then monday was the day where school began! Nora and I had to be there at 13.00 (not at the same school) but we went to Canterbury earlier.

Nora et moi in Starbucks!

Nora et moi in Starbucks!

And now you get to listen to my craaaazyyy way to school: Okay, first I need to walk about fifteen minutes. Then I have to catch my first bus (they’re always late…). I drive with that one for about 5 minutes. Then I have to change to the bus to Canterbury (a double decker with Wifi!) and then drive for about 50 minutes. Theeen…. I have to change again in Canterbury and drive for another 5 minutes until I’m finally finally finally at my school. When I got to school I had to enroll (give my personal details, do a survey and choose my subjects). Of course I wanted to do musical theatre and the woman told me that I would have to audition for that. And when I asked her what I would have to do she just told me that she didn’t know… Great… So luckily a nice pupil told me who I should talk to and I went to see her and she told me that I should bring a song with me the next day and see her right after the assembly. Then Nora and I met to go home together and after going in the wrong direction at first, we managed to find our way home.

Tuesday: I was late for school because our Β second bus was late (which led to me missing my third bus…) but it wasn’t bad because it was only for the assembly (where they just informed us about the school and sixth form). After that we got our timetables.


Mine was empty except for Maths and English because I hadn’t auditioned yet… So as soon as possible I went to see that woman about the audition (but because of that I missed the tour around the school for the exchange students). She introduced me to the guy who would decide if I could do Musical or not and he told me (and Matteo, who wanted to do the acting programme) that we would have to do a monologue (and I had to sing my song of course). So we just got a book with monologues and four hours time to learn it (not by heart, thank goodness). In these four hours we learned our monologues (I chose one from Der gute Mensch von Sezuan, so funny to read it in english!) and went to Canterbury to eat and to buy the fifth Throne of Glass book which came out that day (it’s so awesome to be able to buy books the day the come out!) and the best thing: It was signed by the author Sarah J. Maas! So that made me really happy, obviously.



And then the time of the audition had come! I was extremely nervous! At first I had to sing my song I miss the mountains and it went great. He was really impressed that I knew a musical like Next to Normal (he obviously doesn’t know how musical obsessed I am!) so that was good too. Then I did my monologue and he told me that I was good enough and could do the musical theatre programme! I was so happy! Mattheo did it too and we went to get our timetabels. But the problem was that we didn’t get it because the teacher who did the audition had to confirm it first. So the woman there told us that we should just go to the lessons that were in our timetables (so just english on wednesday) and then get the timetable the next day. Greeaaat… On our way home, Nora and I thought that we had taken the wrong bus and in the end we just walked and it was really funny.



the weather can be nice in England by the way

Wednesday: My English lesson wasn’t until 14.00 but I went to school in the morning hoping to get my timetable as soon as possible (because I didn’t want to miss any lessons) but noooo… they still couldn’t give it to me! They told me to see the Head of Sixth form and that he was the only one who could give it to me. Only problem: He wasn’t there! So I went back to Canterbury and just stayed there and went shopping and eating… In the afternoon I tried again and he still wasn’t there (and he wouldn’t be back until Thursday) so no timetable for me… Then I went to my english lesson and surprise: they put me in the wrong course! (I wasn’t the only one though) And not only the wrong course, it was also pretty boring. It reminded me of my Advanced preparation so I just knew the things and it wasn’t that interesting (although the teacher was very nice!) And today, Nora and I finally managed to get home without getting lost!



What a crazy week! I love it here in England but it’s also very exhausting and I’m always very tired in the evening. I really hope I’ll get my timetable tomorrow and then I’ll hopefully write another post (and it won’t be that long, I promise!)

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