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Monday, October 31st, 2016

From monday to thursday I was in Edinburgh where I took about 300 pictures and had a lot of fun!

We did many things like visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia…

Or the Edinburgh Castle…

Kathrin and I also went to a funny place called Camera Obscura where these picture were taken…

And after that we went to the CafΓ© where J.K. Rowling wrote parts of the Harry Potter books!

But my personal highlight was the Scottish Evening! It was a show where they sang and danced and played bagpipe and it was just awesome! Because I really liked the Scottish music I went and bought a CD from the guy who sang and he was really happy about that (I was too). And while watching the show we ate nice Scottish food!


On friday I just chilled (I slept until 1 pm…)


breakfast! (or lunch??)

In the evening Fran (Aniela’s daughter) and her boyfriend went to a birthday party with us. They were there because Aniela was at a honey show so they watched us on friday and saturday.

Saturday was very Halloween. We started our day by watching World War Z (Zombiiiieeees) then we went to town where I had a Vampire Frappuccino!


And then we went to see some real zombies!

While waiting for the zombies we took some nice pictures and established once again that I have very short legs!

And in the evening we watched The Sixth Sense (I just love this movie!) so now I feel very prepared for Halloween tomorrow!

But there was still a lot to do so today there were some serious Halloween preparations going on!

And the bees needed some more sugar water! I took some nice picture of the place where the bees are!

And here are the pictures of the week (there are loads of them this week)! After doing the same face on three pictures in a row without realising it on the Scotland trip, this became known as my “Scottish Face”! I did it while I was…


And now the exclusive picture of the week because it’s my favourite!

The "I look very much forward to destroying Edinburgh with this cannon" picture

The “I look very much forward to destroying Edinburgh with this cannon” picture

Term one is done!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

This week was the last week of term which means now I have two school free weeks ahead of me!

On mondays I always need to get up early (6.30) and when I left the house this week, the moon was really beautiful (you don’t see it that well in the picture)…


Now that the workshop is over (it’s still not on youtube or anything), we have school with two people that come to teach us. Both of them are musical performers so they have a lot of experience. In the morning we did acting, mostly improvisation and I really enjoyed it. In the afternoon we learned that we have a project about musical history. In groups of around five people we have to present a musical that was important for the history of musicals. Our musical is Show Boat which is the first “real” musical. I (and everyone in my group) are not really happy with it because it’s so old (1927) and we don’t really like the music. But I’m sure we’ll still have fun.

At home we started doing a puzzle!


On tuesday I had my dancing lesson and it was really exhausting (but I love it).

Also tuesday is my washing Β up day and this week it was a lot of work! So I decided to do some “Before-After” pictures.

Wednesday was a crazy day where many annoying things happened but I won’t go into detail because it wasn’t that bad and I prefer to focus on positive things here! I went to the costume shop to get something for Halloween! Here some sneak peeks!

We also finished our puzzle (we were quite obsessed with it, it had 1000 pieces)! πŸ™‚


Also, Nora and I couldn’t keep away from Snapchat! (I wore my wig the whole evening)

On Thursday, we worked on our pantomime and now we’re halfway through. It’s so funny and I can’t wait for our performances. Also, we had a homework once to rewrite lyrics from a song for our panto and Tony (our teacher) chose my lyrics of 500 miles. He was really impressed and I was very pleased with myself if I’m honest.

Then on Friday we had our last two hours of term 1: dancing from 4 to 6 pm! Everyone was happy when we finished and when I walked to the bus stop it rained quite heavily! I was really content and thought everything looked nice so I took many pictures!

In the bus I read as usual and then shortly before we arrived at the Folkestone Bus Station, I was suddenly alone in the upper deck of the bus!

By the time I arrived home, I was very exhausted!


But there was still some work to be done for Halloween!

Here how I looked before going to bed!


On Saturday, we went to a Honey Show (a competition for the best honey and so on). After Aniela had brought her things for the competition, we went to have breakfast at the clifftop cafe and I ate a proper English Breakfast!


In the afternoon, we went back to the honey show and there got talked into eating dinner with the people there (the people were part of a weird Christian community) and if you know me, you’ll know that I did not enjoy it and felt quite uncomfortable! But well, it was certainly an experience…

Then we went home and watched the X-factor. A friend of Aniela’s was in America and she brought a little present for Halloween!

And before going to bed, I wrote a page of one of my stories (it was the first time in ages that I had the time and felt like doing it!).


Today I really had the urge to make some funny selfies because I like my hair!

And in the afternoon, we went to a cafe to drink a hot chocolate and eat a cake!

And here the picture of the week!

That's how I look when I write my blog

That’s how I look when I write my blog

Hello, my name is Elder Price…

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

This week I have been very busy! πŸ™‚

On monday we had the performance of our musical workshop. It was filmed and will be released on youtube or something. As soon as I’ll have the link I will post it (hopefully next week)! It went quite well and I had a lot of fun as Maths Geek.

feeling geeky!

feeling geeky!

Other than that, I really like my classmates and I think that I’m slowly really getting to know them. So here you can see them too, eventhough a few are missing…


This is Sondheim!

On Thursday I got to sing my song in Studio Class and it went very well again and in the evening we watched a play performed by the year 13 acting students. It’s called People, Places and Things and it was amazing, everyone played so well!

On Friday I had a great time in our dancing lessons cause I was so concentrated and motivated (although it was from 4 to 6 pm!).

a nice yet unrelated picture: that's what I see when I look out of my room :)

a nice yet unrelated picture: that’s what I see when I look out of my room πŸ™‚

On Saturday I went to London! I have to admit that I was quite nervous the night before because I knew that I had to catch the right trains and find my way to the theatre with the underground (and alone!) So now I’m quite proud of myself because everything went very well! It was lovely to see Vanessa again and Book of Mormon was hilarious! It was exactly how I expected it to be and it reminded me of South Park many times (in a very good way!)

And the songs are stuck in my head now! Hello! My name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book! and so on! I bought the CD by the way! (I’m actually listening to it while writing this! Tuurn it oooff like a liiiight switch, turn it ooooff)


Today we went to Gravesend and I honestly couldn’t really enjoy it because I felt so so tired! I don’t know why exactly, maybe because there was so much going on with my trip to London and everything! But after sleeping in the car on our way home and a good cup of tea, I felt much better! There’s nothing that cannot be solved by a decent cup of tea! (I doubt anyone will get that reference…)

Tired Luna trying to keep herself awake (and finding out that Starbucks is better than Costa)

Tired Luna trying to keep herself awake (and finding out that Starbucks is better than Costa)

Today was the first time without Victoria and I really miss it! Also, I got really upset today because a really nice guy had to go home today in the X-Factor (I know that he wasn’t the best singer of them but still!) πŸ˜‰

this is a pillow I like to cuddle while watching tv!

this is a pillow I like to cuddle while watching tv! (and I wrote my name on it! πŸ˜‰ )

And noooow: the picture of the week!

After watching a musical, I suddenly turned into a unicorn in the train back to Folkestone!

After watching Β the musical, I suddenly turned into a unicorn on the train back to Folkestone!


picture of the week, snapchat and many photos

Sunday, October 9th, 2016


So last sunday we really did go to a picnic (and a walk) and it was so beautiful. I took loads of pictures! The weather was so nice you could see France very clearly! (I tried to take a picture but you couldn’t really see it…)

It gets more difficult to find interesting things to say about school because it feels so normal by now! We were working on the musical workshop thing on monday (tomorrow we’ll perform it!), on our jazz choreography on tuesday and friday and on our pantomime on thursday! I still love it!

Feet in the bus!

Feet in the bus!

On wednesday, we went to the cinema again. We watched Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children and though i didn’t like some parts of the movie (cause they were nothing like the book!) I really enjoyed the movie overall.


I also bought a ticket for Book of Mormon (it’s a musical written by the creators of South Park). I’m going to London next Saturday to see it and meet my friend Vanessa and I’m really exciteeeed!

Also, Nora and I had a lot of fun with Snapchat the other day!

Another thing I really need to share with you: I made a salad yesterday and I tried really hard to make it look nice! I’m very happy with the result! πŸ˜‰

salad art

salad art

Today was a really nice day! At first we went to the bees again and one hive was really angry, it was very intimidating!

posing in the beesuit

posing in the beesuit

After that we had lunch and on our way home we saw a lovely rainbow!


And tonight as usual: X-Factor and Victoria (it’s the last episode tonight, I’m saaad)

Oh and I decided that from now on, there will be a random picture of the week! Here comes the picture of this week:

Me as a dog

Luna the pug!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Beach, Bees and Singing! (and more!)

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

October already! It’s getting colder now and that’s why I’m really happy I bought this precious thing:

Last weekend we had a picnic at the beach and though it was windy, it was really lovely. I took many many pictures, have a look for yourself:

Oh, we also went to a bee meeting and prepared some more bees for the winter. This time one hive was really angry because they didn’t have a queen!



In school, we got our casting list for the musical workshop (I’m a maths geek, so no acting required, haha XD) and for our Pantomime. We’re doing Thumbelina and I’m playing a crazy fan of a band that thinks she can sing but really can’t so that’s going to be fun! (It’s our own version of Thumbelina in case you’re confused.)

On wednesday I went to Kaspas with Nora where I ate delicious hot cookie dough, it’s amazing!



Do you remember when I told you about the song from Honk? I finally got to sing it in studio class! It went very well and the teacher didn’t find anything to correct because I’m such an amazing singer (maybe it did have something to do with how easy the song was…) πŸ˜‰ He said he really had to give me a more difficult song and I like the one he gave me much better, it’s called Pretty Funny and it’s from the musical Dogfight.

Yesterday, we bought flowers to make the house more beautiful. I think they look really nice!


We also watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (after the X-Factor) and I really liked it! And we had delicious hot chocolate with it!


Today we might go to another picnic and I’d say we probably watch the X-Factor and Victoria but it’s just a wild guess… πŸ˜‰