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Food, Fire and Friends

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Because I was so early last Sunday, some things happened in the evenings that I want to share with you!

  1. Nora and I made an awesome lasagne!


2. We planted some flowers (I think they are flowers) and I gave them killer names, if you know what I mean 😀

Dexter, Brian and Hannibal!

Dexter, Brian and Hannibal!

And now I have to honestly admit that I don’t have to tell much because nothing that interesting happened! In school we mostly rehearse our choreographies and our panto now because we have our performances in a few week so there’s not that much to tell…

But on Monday I did take some nice morning pictures!

I watched A LOT of Hannibal this week (I finished the last season on Friday…) and I’m honestly very obsessed with it, which is why I’ll stop writing about it now (because I could write a full blog entry just about how much I love it!)

This is an amazing picture of Hannibal that I took because I'm silly

This is an amazing picture of Hannibal that I took because I’m silly

I also bought some things this week (and I don’t care if anyone thinks they are pointless, I love them! 🙂 )

And then the weekend is where it gets interesting!!!

On Saturday, we went to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and I reaaalllyyyyy looooooooveeeeed it!!!!

When we went home, it started raining and the weather has been very bad since which is why we had a nice fire!


And we got our dinner from KFC (very healthy I know!)


And today I had a performance with the other Musical Theatre students. It wasn’t a big deal, really, most of the time we just spent waiting for our performance (we only sang two songs, it was to open and close an Award Show).

Here the picture of the weeeeek:

I have friieeends! Some of my classmates and me! I think this was the third or fourth try to take a nice picture :)

I have friieeends! Some of my classmates and me! I think this was the third or fourth try to take a nice picture 🙂

Holiday and School

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Helloooo! Sorry that there was no Blog last week, the internet failed me!

So I have a lot to tell!

On Monday last week it was Halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!



We still had to carve our pumpkins, it was hard but I tried my best!

Despite our thorough preparations we did not have enough bags for all the children that came to our door (OVER 60!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here some pictures of our costumes 🙂

On tuesday I just did some homework and did some shopping so nothing very interesting but I did take a nice picture of some leaves!


autumn is coming! 😉 (I know that it’s actually already here…)

On wednesday I had my first Maths exam (I had to get up at 6!) and it was very easy. Then I spent my day at Canterbury with some other exchange students.

On Thursday I went to London to see the Phantom of the Opera again!!!! It was AMAZIIING!

And here a short story: Because I had to get up early on friday, Nora did the washing up for me. Suddenly Nora started calling my name, so I went to the kitchen. There I found Nora standing with a plate. At first I didn’t get what her problem was but then I saw that there was a slug under the plate! Nora had touched it several times before she realised what it was… We were all disgusted and threw it out…

my reaction to the slug...

my reaction to the slug…

On Friday I had my second exam which wasn’t a problem either. As a reward I went to the cinema after the exam to seeeee… Doctor Strange! I really really loved the movie and I want to watch it agaiiiiin!

After that we went to Kaspas again to have a waffle for dinner.


And after that Nora and I just couldn’t help ourselves and bought huge cuddly toys.

The weekend wasn’t that nice because I had a bad cold… Aniela has her own medicine if someone’s ill: cinnamon, honey aaaand…

Garlic!!! This lead to me constantly humming Knoblauch 🙂



Then on Monday school started again. In december we have loads of performances so now we have rehearsals and everything but other than that not much happened in school…

Because I liked one actor in Doctor Strange, I also started watching Hannibal (a tv series) in the evenings (I might or might not have bingewatched the whole first season in two days…)

BINGEWATCHING! Sleep could wait!

BINGEWATCHING! Sleep could wait!

On Friday, we went to a concert called “One night of queen”. It was great but that wasn’t a surprise because Queen songs are just awesome! Bohemian Rhapsody was my personal highlight, I jsut love that song.

But getting to the concert was very stressful, so let me tell you that story: The concert started at halfpast 7 and my school finished at 6 so when school was finished I ran to the bus stop to catch the train I usually miss. But it didn’t come…. and the next bus didn’t come either… There was an accident I think so there were no busses to Folkestone and I had to catch a special bus that took longer. It was horrible. I arrived in Folkestone at 20 past 7 and then I just ran to the place where the concert was. I arrived about 4 minutes before halfpast, so everything went fine in the end! 🙂

And in the weekend we mostly just chilled with X-Factor as usual (and Hannibal). Oh and we also baked some biscuits!

Yep that’s it! Here are the pictures of the week (two because there wasn’t one last week!):