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Tuesday, December 27th, 2016


Before I talk about Christmas, have some pictures of what I did this week (Two days of school, christmas shopping and the usual stuff…)

Okayy, so on Christmas Eve, we didn’t really celebrate, we prepared some stuff for the 25th and finished the last presents and that’s about it!

Now to the interesting part: CHRISTMAS DAY! I have to say, it was such a great experience to celebrate Christmas in England. It was a really lovely day!!

We had our Christmas Dinner in the afternoon but before that, we opened the presents! Because I am the youngest, I was present master (or christmas master? I don’t remember). That means that I was the one who chose a present for everyone and then said: “3,2,1… GO!” before we opened the present. I had to do that until there were no presents left, i liked it! 😀


I got awesome presents and it was really exciting because I had no idea what I would get! So here they are:

After that, we had our christmas dinner and it was delicious! After the oxtail soup we had turkey, little sausages, potatoes and lots of vegetables and after that (we needed a little break!) a chocolate cake! SOO GOOOOD!!

Then we took a pictures of all of us!

After that, Fran and Darren had to leave and we just chilled for the rest of the evening. We watched the Queen’s speech (very short, like 10 minutes long), Frozen, I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and in the evening we watched Silence of the Lambs (not very Christmassy but it was my present and we all wanted to watch it 😉 ).

Today, we had a delicious breakfast!


After that, we went for a walk and it was lovely! Here some pictures!

And for dinner, we had leftovers from yesterday! Yummy! 😉

Here some selfies from our walk today!


Well, that’s it already! Some people probably celebrate a lot more than we did but I loved it just the way it was! It was such a great and new experience and I’m really glad that I didn’t go home like some other exchange students because I feel like I would have missed something really nice! 🙂

And from tomorrow on, I’ll have to start doing my homework instead of being lazy all day long!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I already wish you a very happy New Year!!

As pictures of the week some pictures of one of the presents I got!

Christmas Cabaret, Cinema aaand… a musical!

Sunday, December 18th, 2016


My monday and tuesday were exhausting and reeaaally looooong! We had allday rehearsals on both days (from 9 to 4!) and on tuesday the first Christmas Cabaret performance. That may sound nice but what it really means is: getting up early to go to school and then: hours of waaaiiiiting! In between there may be ten, fifteen minutes of performing and then it’s waiting again! So it was very exhausting!

I got a head microphone! Yeaaah!

I got a head microphone! Yeaaah!

Although I have to say it was lovely to see Canterbury that empty in the evening when Nora and I had to wait for the bus! 🙂 (It was also very convenient that McDonald’s is open 24 hours then!)

On wednesday we had the second performance and it went better, probably because I wasn’t as exhausted because we didn’t have to rehearse all day! But honestly, when we could go home I was mostly glad that it was over, just because the rehearsals were so exhausting! 🙂

I am too lazy to put it right, sorryyy

I am too lazy to put it right, sorryyy

On thursday and friday we finally had normal lessons again! It was just really nice to go back to learning singing technique and studio class! Also, our teachers praised us for our performances, that was obviously nice as well. 🙂

when the cream looks like a butterfly!

when the cream looks like a butterfly!

On saturday, it was cinema time (again! oops!). We went to watch Rogue One (a star wars story) and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to because I haven’t even watched all star wars movies! I mostly wanted to see it because of Mads Mikkelsen (aka Hannibal) and he did not disappoint! 😀


But today was the absolute highlight of the weeeeek!!!!!!!! Nora and I went to London to see the musical Lazarus (with David Bowie’s songs)! It was amazing and not only because the actor who played the main role, had played the main character in one of my favourite tv shows (no, not Hannibal this time, but still murder). I’m obviously talking about Michael C Hall who played Dexter! I didn’t even know he could sing until some weeks ago but he was great! And another main role was played by a 15 year old girl who had the most amazing voice ever! And the songs were awesome as well! So it was just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now we are watching Breaking Dawn part 2 and I enjoy it so much because it has been such a long time!


And here the picture of the weeeek! It’s not the best but I don’t really care cause it just makes me reeaaally happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

That time I took a selfie with Dexter!

That time I took a selfie with Dexter!


Sunday, December 11th, 2016

This week was AMAZING (and very exhausting as well!)

On Monday we had normal lessons in the morning. It was acting improvisation and it was so much fun! I ended up being a zombie attacking two other people in a lift which was hilarious. Our teacher said I should be an extra on Walking Dead ;D. In the afternoon, we had our first panto performance in Canterbury. Considering the fact that it was our first performance and that we had so little space, it went quite well. Here some pictures of me with my lovely costume.

Tuesday we had a little break (no performances, normal school) where we watched our panto performance from monday. In the afternoon we had rehearsal for the christmas cabaret and it was exhausting as always (soo many people!).

Wednesday was reaaally exhausting! We had to be at school at 12 to rehearse for the Christmas Sharing that evening (jazz and street dance performance). Then we went to Herne Bay to a care home for people with dementia I think. There we performed our panto. It was very different with the audience not being children and again, we basically had no space! But it still didn’t go that bad and I think the people really enjoyed it.

bus selfie!

bus selfie!

After the panto, we went back to Canterbury, had some food and then we had the Christmas Sharing. I had to play the piano while people were walking in and it was a bit awkward because I wasn’t prepared to play for almost half an hour (they told me 10 minutes…). But I still enjoyed playing again!

Our dance performances (especially the second one!) went extremely well end we all were so happy and proud of ourselves so it was great! But I was reaaally tired when I came home!

On thursday we had our last two panto performances. Because everyone was still really happy about the last evening, our energy was great and both performances went really well. The audience (children again) were amazing as well, they were screaming at some parts because they liked it so much!

On friday, we had a full day rehearsal for the Christmas Cabaret which was really boring and exhausting because we just had to wait most of the time…

On saturday, we watched the first part of the X factor final and I get way too excited about it!


We also had some Ice Cream!


Today we went to have a christmas dinner (or more like lunch?) and it was very delicious! After that we went to Fran to watch the Phantom of the Opera movie and now I’m back home waiting for the last X factor! I’m gonna miss it!

Well that’s it for this week!

This week, there are several pictures of the week because Aniela and Nora and I keep putting my little guys at different places. It’s always fun when you come home and you just find them everywhere! 🙂

Everyday life!

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Hello there!

I spent the last two weeks mostly rehearsing for our pantomime or for our dance choreographies. Sometimes it was exhausting, sometimes hilarious and I really love it. From tomorrow on, we’ll start our panto tour and on wednesday we’ll get assessed on our jazz and street dance choreography. So next week is going to be really excited and I can’t wait for all the performances because my class (and me) worked really hard on everything! 🙂

me trying on my panto costume (I know I look stunning) ;)

me trying on my panto costume (I know I look stunning) 😉

But that also means that I don’t have that much to tell because I’m not doing much other things!

Happy Plum!

Happy Plum!

I did go to the cinema again, though!


And yesterday we put up all the christmas decoration! Have a look! (There’s much more but I didn’t take pictures of everything!

This week, instead of a picture of the week, I have several pictures from my everyday life! This way, the pictures can just tell instead of me writing without really knowing what to say 🙂

How is it already december?!

How is it already december?!

At first some pictures of my way to school!

At school!

At Canterbury:

At home:

In my room:

Yep, that’s it! I hope you’re enjoying life as much as I do! Have a lovely week!