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Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Because this week was a very normal one (which means I don’t really know what to write about… Well I could write a whole entry about Sherlock πŸ˜‰ ) I decided to just list all the things I’m working on in school at the moment!

In our dance classes, we’re learning a choreography to “Dance at the Gym” from West Side Story. It’s really fast but I love learning it!

In studio class, we are now preparing songs (everyone chose one, mine is called “New York Do You Care) written by Carner and Gregor. They write musical theatre songs and they will come to Canterbury in march I think, so everyone will sing their song in front of them! Exciting!!

You probably don’t see it but there’s a SPIDER in my shoe! A SPIDER

On monday mornings, we are usually doing improvisation and working on some acting scenes but at the moment our teacher is ill, so a musical performer, who was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London, is doing some of the choreographies with us. Last monday he also answered some questions about his life as a performer and it was very interesting!

On monday afternoons, we work on a Musical History project. We’re doing many different musical songs (All That Jazz, One Day More, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious etc.) and we have to do research and a 10 minutes long performance about a specific musical in groups (my group has Showboat). We also do acting and singing exercises, this week everyone had to try to cry!

Soon, we will start working on the musical that we will perform at the end of the year: Mamma Mia!

Walking home picture! Do you see the star in the sky?

We also have to create a 20 min performance in groups. It needs to be some kind of minimusical. And it needs to be related to freedom of speech somehow!

So now you know what I do all day long when I’m in school! Consider the entry about Nora as the picture of the week πŸ˜‰

In case you don’t like Nora as picture of the week, have one of my little friends! πŸ˜‰


Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Nora is my ho(s)t sister. She just turned 19. She is an old lady. She doesn’t have school on mondays and fridays. She needs those two days to rest because she is so old. She has two unicorns and a reindeer. One of the unicorns will die soon although it’s younger than the other unicorn. Nora has red hair but it’s not her natural hair colour. Her real hair is brown. She is taller than me but her sister is taller than her which makes me a dwarf. She has a passion for Nutella. She also likes not doing her homework and snapchatting instead. Sometimes she turns into a bear, but then… SO DO I! Nora forced me to put the “s” in host in brackets. Nora always talks about starting the gym but she never does it. She’s too lazy. Nora wants a bit less than half a spoon of sugar in her tea. Nora watches videos about innovative chemistry and researches Elium on google. She goes to the Canterbury College where she has her science lessons. Nora needs to do many assignments. Nora wanted bathbombs for her birthday. Nora likes sausage. Nora’s eyes are brown and she wears contact lenses because she doesn’t like her glasses. Nora falls asleep while watching Hannibal. Once. Nora likes reading books about crime. Nora sometimes stays in Canterbury to have coffee with MΓ tΓ¨ and Frankie. Nora is actually called NΓ²ra. She likes fluffy socks. Nora wants to work with children. She wants to be a psychologist.

Nora is smart.

Be like Nora.

Hello 2017!

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


It’s been a while!

So let’s start with the end of 2016: If I’m being completely honest, I practically didn’t do any homework in the Christmas break…

We went to Fran’s where I got to play skyrim on Darren’s playstation (yayyy), we went to see Moana in the cinema, I reread my three favourite books (ending my reading year with Vampire Academy) and watched loads of TV… But well, you need to just do nothing sometimes…

On New Year’s Eve we didn’t do anything spectacular. I think I cleaned the bathroom in the morning (not sure anymore, though… πŸ˜‰ ) We made sausage rolls for the nice buffet we had in the evening. Sandra came over to celebrate. Because Sherlock was on TV the next day, I forced everyone to watch all the other episodes before the new one came out, so while we were waiting for 2017, we watched episode 9 and 10 (I think we watched the 10 episodes in 4 or 5 days!). After we finished Sherlock, we just watched what was on tv but there was nothing really good, so we played a nice card game (I forgot the name, it’s called patience I think, not sure, although we play it all the time now!) Robbie Williams had a concert in London which we could watch live on tv, so we did that and then we also saw the fireworks in London (very impressive and so comfortable to see it on tv!). And then it was 2017 and we went to bed soon after that! It was really comfortable to just stay at home and I enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

On New Year’s Day I was really excited for Sherlock all day long! That was good because it gave me loads of energy! And I needed that energy because we went shopping! It’s called Bluewater Shopping Centre and it’s huuuuuuuuge! Around New Year there are many sales, so that’s why we went! I bought some books, a cd and a dvd! We had a lovely lunch and it was a nice day!

In the evening we watched Sherlock and I LOVED IT AND WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!

Before and after Sherlock! πŸ˜‰

The next day, Nora left because she went home for a week. It was a weird feeling without her! Then we put away all the Christmas decorations. So the house felt quite empty!

But then school started and I was busy again (and I really had to do my homework now!). There were also sales in the shops in Canterbury so I might or might not have bought quite a lot of dvds… Well, okay, I did. It was actually quite funny because I went to buy them and I bought two movies with Mads Mikkelsen (aka Hannibal) and the shop assistant just said: “Have you seen Hannibal?” and I answered: “Well, of course!” And then we spent around five minutes talking about how amazing Hannibal is, it was hilarious!

Nice picture I took on my way home from schooool

And then soon the week was over (another Sherlock episode that made me very emotional!) and Nora was back again. Then on monday and tuesday I went to school as usual. On Tuesday I got to sing my song in studio class, which was really annoying because I had a bad cold and couldn’t actually sing as good as I wanted to. I think everyone still liked it though. But Tony said he wants to hear it again when I’m not ill anymore, so I’m really glad about that! And then I became really ill and felt reaaally bad… So I haven’t been to school the rest of the week. I spent the whole wednesday in bed because I didn’t have any energy! I listened to half an audiobook that day! (I really love audiobooks now, they’re so relaxing!)

But don’t worry, I’m fine now and ready to go to school again on monday!

random weird picture! (I like weird pictures!)

On friday was Nora’s 19th birthday (she’s an old lady now!) so yesterday when she had dinner with some friends, Aniela and I went to the cinema to see La La Land. I love that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAAAAZIIIIING!!!!!

And today I’ll have to do some more homework (We still have loads!) and then in the evening I’LL GO TO THE CINEMA TO SEE THE SHERLOCK SEASON FINALE AND I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!!! I CANNOT WAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Oh… and there was snow and ice… not going to say more BECAUSE I HATE SNOW!

Here the picture of the weeek(s) πŸ˜‰