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A Wicked Week!

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

At first, let me introduce you to the newest members of my little friends!

Sherlock and John!!

After the exhausting monday in London, we had a relaxing day on tuesday! Because it was Valentine’s day we did go out to get some nice cupcakes. After that we just watched Game of Thrones and Bridget Jones’ Baby (It was as funny as the first time we watched it!).

On wednesday I went to London (again!). I travelled there with Aniela and Fran and then went off on my own to Tibits where I had a nice lunch (and waited impatiently until it was time to go to my musical).

Then I went to see Wicked! It was just amazing, although the performer I would have liked to see was ill. 🙁 But the understudy was amazing and I just love the music and the costumes and everything, so I could still enjoy it 100 %. The only bad thing was that when I entered the theatre, there were so many people you could hardly move. So everyone just stood there for several minutes until they finally opened the doors to go to the seats.

After the musical, I met with Aniela and Fran again and we went to the same restaurant as on monday. It was really nice again.

Next to the wicked theatre, I saw this and needed to take a picture! Hamilton is an amazing musical that will be in London from next autumn on (and is already sold out)

On thursday, Nora and I went bowling with the other exchange students. It was nice (I won the first game) and I also took some nice pictures of the sea that day.

On friday we just stayed and home. That basically means we watched lots of Game of Thrones again (we’re on season 4 already now).

Ready for GoT!

Yesterday we went to do the shopping and went on a short walk to see how the bees were doing (they all survived! 🙂 ).

We also ate a delicious stew (it was amazing!).

Today we went for another walk and had coffee again in the book cafe. It was lovely!

It has been a really warm week, it almost feels like spring, so that was really nice!

Flower in the Garden!

And here the pictures of the week, this time, “Washing Up Impressions”

Mamma Mia and loads of (wax) Celebrities!

Monday, February 13th, 2017


Remember when I talked about the auditions for our workshop musical Mamma Mia? Well, on Monday late in the evening (after days of painful waiting) we finally got our cast list. And I’m Rosie! She’s one of the two best friends of the main character (Donna) and it means I get to sing songs like Take a Chance on me, Dancing Queen and Chiquitita so I’m really happy! Almost all roles got doublecast, so I’m sharing my role but I don’t mind that at all!  🙂

On Thursday, we had a Performance in the evening which as always meant a lot of waiting. I also ended up going to Pizza Hut again! The performance was very short (just one song) but it went quite well and maybe it they will put it up on youtube (I’ll obviously send the link if I have one!).

One of my friends took this cute picture of me in Pizza Hut 🙂

In the weekend, we were really shattered, so on Saturday, we had a nice long Game of Thrones Bingewatch, it was great!

On Sunday, we watched a lot of Game of Thrones too, but we also went for a short walk and went to this great café where there walls are just full of bookshelves and books! It’s really nice there. 🙂

So, you see, not a lot happened last week! But today we went to London to Madame Tussauds! It was reaaaally exhausting but great!

We waited 3 (!) hours to get in and I know that sounds awful but there was really great music and Nora and I had quite a lot of fun listening (and singing and dancing 😉 ) to it. So it didn’t feel like 3 hours at all!

And then we were in there and it was awesome and it’s best explained in pictures!

After that, we went to Baker Street (it’s very close to Mme Tussauds) to get a picture of 221B and then we went to have dinner in a restaurant at the train station. 🙂

I’m quite tired now but I think it was a really nice day (though a bit stressful) 🙂

Pictures of the weeeeeeek (I call them “Cooking Impressions”:


Sunday, February 5th, 2017


So last week I didn’t have time to write an entry because I had loads of homework. To make up for this, I’ll give you some picture of last week, before talking about this week!

As I said, I spent the whole Sunday doing homework instead of writing a blog entry and I didn’t even finish it. We had to do a presentation about the life of a performer for Tuesday. Which means I spent half of Monday night finishing that presentation! And then, on Tuesday morning I was sooo tired. Well, at least the presentation went quite well!

Tired Luna! My favourite thing about the picture is the random person in the back!

So on Tuesday, after my presentation, we finished school at 1 o’clock and I was completely shattered and just took the bus home straightaway. I was home a bit after 2 and just chilled and watched TV to recover. And then at some point in the early evening, I just felt that the settee was looking at me in a very very insulting and rude way. I tried to ignore it at first but then, I just couldn’t help it anymore! I just HAD to slam my right foot into it! (Actually I was just really tired and didn’t look where I was going but I prefer to blame the settee!)

It hurt!I think I might have broken my toe but I’m not sure cause when I went to get it checked the woman there said that they don’t x-ray toes because they it doesn’t really make a difference. Well and now I’m just happily limping around and not doing any dance for at least a week 🙁

The week wasn’t all bad, though! On Thursday I went to school where we had auditions for our musical! It was so much fun! Everyone who wanted to audition for a role just had to sing parts of some songs and it was great to see how the songs got interpreted in different ways. It took 4 hours but it was just great and everyone laughed a lot!

On Friday, I stayed at home because we only had dance and I wasn’t going to go to Canterbury for two lessons if I couldn’t participate (because it was quite exhausting to travel and get all my three different busses with the bad toe). So I had another chill day and I might have rewatched all the Sherlock season 4 episodes (it was GREAT).

I also got into another fight, this time it wasn’t the settee but some tomatoes and salad! And this time, I won! MUHAHAHA

Yesterday, we went to the cinema in the evening to see the movie Lion. It was very good (we all cried a bit I think), it kind of reminded me of Slumdog Millionaire. Before that, we went to Pizza Hut and it was just delicious! (THE PIZZA HAD CHEESE IN THE CRUST SOOOO GOOOOOD)

Today, we went to Fran to help her pack up some stuff (cause she’s moving). We had a really nice dinner and it was a lovely evening!

Wrapping up the fragile things!

I hope you all have a lovely week and please don’t attack sofas, they are stronger than you are (Believe me, I had to learn it the hard way!) 😉

Here the picture of the weeek:

Rewatching Game of Thrones makes me happyy (although most of the people in season 1 and 2 are dead now anyway…)