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Sunday, March 19th, 2017


I was extremely busy the last few weeks, we have several group projects and looaaads of written work which is why there were no new blog entries! Because I didn’t do much, this week I’ll just tell you random facts, rather than explaining day by day what I did! I also didn’t take many pictures but I did take loads of pictures on two days of my bus journey from Canterbury to Folkestone, so you’ll be able to see my daily journey! 🙂

Today it has been exactly 200 days since I left Switzerland!

I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and thought it was amazing! Perfect cast and great music!

Because we all loved the movie so much, we listened to the soundtrack about five times today!

I had a great cheesy Burger before the cinema!

I do eat healthier food as well, just to let you know, but the unhealthy food just looks better on pictures most of the time 😉

March has been a great reading month for me, I’ve already read 7 books this month!

In our mini musical, I’m the villain and get to sing Mother Knows Best and it is sooo much fun (I probably told you that before but I don’t care)!

Tomorrow I’ll perform New York Do You Care in front of the people who composed and wrote the song!

On the 10th of March, my class went to Move It in London. It’s a dance convention and it was amazing! So many good dancers!

I got a face on my hand because of Nora’s nails (it was an accident, we didn’t fight or anything 🙂 )

I love smoothies.

This is one Aniela made herself 🙂

It was so warm last wednesday that i had a frappuccino instead of a warm coffee!

I’m going to be 18 in 9 days!

I had so much homework the other day that I finished it at halfpast 4 (am) and because I had so much coffee, I couldn’t sleep so I ended up watching an episode of Hannibal and sleeping three hours! (I felt sooo tired the next day!)

I’ve started watching Lucifer, I’ve already seen 5 episodes and I think it’s a hilarious tv show!

Some weeks ago, I remembered that I love apples so now I always take an apple with me to school (An apple a day keeps the doctor away!)

I looooooove grapes!

The starbucks staff knows me so well by now that they’ve started chatting and joking with me while I wait for coffee!

I’m currently watching 5 tv shows (some not frequently but still): Lucifer, Lie To Me, Scream, Dexter and Hannibal!

Because of watching an amazing Danish movie I’ve downloaded a language app and I have been learning Danish for 60 days now (Just for fun and I can’t properly say anything anyway)

On my birthday, I am planning to buy myself three birthday presents: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (the dvd is out on my birthday), Strange the Dreamer (a book that’s coming out on my birthday and that I’m really looking forward to) and Penny Dreadful (because the box set is cheaper now and because I can legally buy it!)

On tuesday I often cook pasta with  a sauce, cucumber and tomatoes!

I am listening to the fourth Harry Potter audiobook at the moment and it’s a great way to make things like walking to school, doing the washing up or cleaning more interesting.

On the 27th and 29th of march I’ll have performances and from the first of April, I’ll have a well-deserved break for two weeks!

My school can be really unorganised at times: Sometimes we don’t know in which rooms our lessons will be and I have an exam on my exam timetable that I already passed last autumn (Maths)!

I’m going to come home in 125 days!

This picture is me on the bus I take once I arrive in Folkestone!

And here the picture of the week:

Complete happiness when I could finally go to sleep after an exhausting day!

Luna’s Great Adventures

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Why, hello my dear friends!

The more avid readers among you, dear friends, might have come here last week, hoping to find new jolly and merry stories of my life in England. You have probably left utterly disappointed because of the lack of a new entry, leaving you with nothing but all the old stories you already know!

It is true, my dear friends, I have let you down last week! Even great Luna’s life sometimes gets dull and bland and her creativity fails to produce a new and decent blog entry (Poor Luna also didn’t have enough pictures to fill her stories with colour and life!)

But fret not, my dear friends! After two long, dark and tiresome weeks without a new entry, the time has now come for new fun stories and pictures!

Like many stories, this one begins at sunset after an exhausting school day…

Our main character, Luna, has finally made her way home on Friday after an arduous week of singing, acting and dancing. Yes, Luna has overcome her injuries from the battle of the settee enough to be able to dance again!

On Saturday, the common folk stays at home and rests. But not so Luna! Like all main characters, she goes on great adventures when she’s not on school!

Bravely, she leaves the house early in the morning (halfpast 9) and after defeating the vicious monster that guards the train (by buying a ticket at the ticket machine) she is allowed to embark on the journey to London.

There, Luna meets up with two of her fellow hero friends, because everyone knows that a trio is much stronger than one lone hero!

After passing several difficult tests (security stuff, no food allowed), our three heroes gain entrance to the big O2 castle where two hours of entertainment wait for them (The X-Factor Tour concert).

They have a terrific time together but soon, as all main characters sometimes have to, they are forced to split up! Further adventures await Luna’s hero friends in Herne Bay, but as Luna is the main character of this story, we shall follow Luna back to Folkestone where she has more monsters to battle and dragons to slay.

Luna faces many more challenges in another week of school. But then, the next weekend, the time has come and Luna may face her biggest challenge yet! Bacteria and dirt have taken siege over the bathroom! This Luna cannot allow! She immediately prepares for battle by eating huge amounts of food! (A/N the author would like to remark here that Luna did not actually eat all of this food at the same time, these pictures were taken over a longer amount of time.)

It is an exhausting fight, taking over an hour but then, finally, Luna manages to defeat dirt and bacteria with only a few losses on her side (mainly soap and water).

Once again, Luna has saved the day and everyone is eternally grateful. As a reward, beautiful magic flowers now grow in the house (Maybe, my dear friend, if you are an attentive reader, you remember the day and blog entry where Luna has received these magic seeds.)

And now, as every good story needs an epilogue that leaves the mind thoughtful, Luna wants to share with you the message her magic hair has delivered to her (picture of the week):

A/N: The story of brave Luna might have been inspired by Game of Thrones (We just finished season 6 today!) 😉