Do you want to know what I did during the last two weeks?



Because I’m not in the mood for a “normal” blog entry (on tuesday I did this, on wednesday this etc.) I’m going to split my holidays in different poems!



Once upon a time

There was a girl called Lu

She really liked to rhyme

So she shall rhyme for you!

School was really exhausting

So Luna needed rest

She got up late in the morning

And did what she does best:

Sleep and read and watch tv

And sing and write and drink some tea

A 89 days Danish streak

That’s what Lu did for one whole week!

Lazy Luna in her natural environment


What to do when you’re at the beach?

Swim or eat or write a speech?

“No!” Lu says, “that’s not the way!”

There’s a much better way to spend your day!

First, eat some scones

Then focus on the stones!

Build a tower

Hour after hour

And feel the power

Of the stones!


Lu went to a magical place

called Kent Life

It was like being in Newt’s case

full of animals and wildlife

There were little lambs and pigs

And goats and owls and chicks

They were all really cute

Especially the goat that really wanted food!


There’s a new friend in Luna’s room

It’s a lovely wardrobe with loads of space

It gives her room a sense of grace

It’s big enough to consume

All of Lu’s clothes and more

And it even has a door!



Where the Musicals are

Where cars and busses are at war

Where thousands of people live and breathe

Where the underground is full of thieves

That’s where Lu spent a day

Having loads of fun



The sea is blue

Grass is green

Flowers: Yellow, Purple, Red

But I never knew

 That the sea can be green too

(That’s a lie if you know what I mean

I just needed a rhyme to redeem

my abilities as a poet

Though after this I dread

That my reputation is dead)


Lu loves going to the cinema

And at least twice a month she goes

so she got herself an unlimited card

And can now go as often as she likes

once, twice, a hundred times…

Who knows?


“Luna”, some of her pictures said,

“You promised a poem every one of us’d get!”

Luna felt bad

The pictures were mad

So here’s the poem for the lonely pictures on her phone

they’re now really happy cause they know that they are known


There are many pictures but one always wins

It’s funny and awesome, the king of the kings

Beautiful, special and really sleek

Yes! It’s the picture of the week!

This water had an important message for me: BE LU! BECAUSE LU IS AWESOME 😉

4 Responses to “HOLIDAY HAPPINESS”

  1. dan a fan says:

    Just great!

  2. Mick says:

    Dä Gedichte-Blog isch würkli de Hit, “lazy Lu”! Wie gönn ich’s dir doch, dass du es Wiili häsch chöne lazy sii, was dinere Kreativität guet taa händ: die witzige Gedicht sind würkli köschtlich!!
    Gottseidank händ de Dani und ich würkli sehr vill FUN gha bim Läse, so hämmer jetzt keis ‘Problem mit dir’!!!

    Und dänn no die feine Föteli!! Die Steitürm-“Usstellig” isch wunderschön!! Die Farbe und die Stimmig, – ich cha mer scho vorstelle, dass me da dZiit vergisst!

    und dänn die nette Viecher… das schön rosarote Säuli wär doch es netts Huustier!!

    Und dänn bini würkli froh für dich, dass din schöne nöie Chleiderschrank sogar e Türe hät! Uff! Gseht supi us, – da chasch getroscht dänn au im zweite Jahr no Chleider dezue chaufe:-)!

    Haha, und sLondon-Gedicht! “where the underground is full o thieves” isch sicher as Groshali grichtet gsi!! neinei… wahrscheinlich häts sich eifach uf breathe reime müese:-)

    Isch d Albert Hall so beiidruckend gsii wie Du dir’s vorgschtellt häsch? gseht ämel iidrücklich uus! Us welem Land isch dMayra cho? Uf em Föteli hät’s aber vier girls, und ich känne nu dNora und dich… müesst ich s’anderi Meitli au känne??

    Zum schönen Dada-Gedicht “Nature” mit dere kunschtvolle Bilder-Zämestellig chani nu säge: no, your reputation as a poet is NOT dead at all!!

    und ahaaa, und sosoooo, jetzt häsch also e Cinema Charte kauft! sehr guet! Hett ich glaub au gmacht!! Muesch jaaaa nöd zelle öb sie sich lohnt, – eifach nur gnüüsse!!

    Vo Dir lärn ich jetzt immer wieder mal es nöis Änglischwort und weiss jetzt, was SHUNNED heisst:-)… aber was heisst sleek….?
    Ämel isch s Picture of the week really supi!

    …und e so waaahr, – jawohl, BE LU, öppis anders chunnt gar nöd i Fraag!!
    Love, Groshali

    • Pfluma says:

      Dankedanke, da bini scho erliechtert dassi mini reputation no alive isch! 😉

      D Royal Albert Hall isch extrem iidrücklich und lässig gsii! Und dänn no so billig, das hät sich extrem gloohnt! und die viert person (ganz rächts) isch d Fran, d Tochter vo de Aniela! D Mayra isch vo Dütschland!

      Und ich bereue aso d Cinema Charte definitiv nöd (und wänni so wiitermach, isch sie s sicher au wert), es isch so es lässigs gfüühl wämmer eifach det ane cha gaa und so vie film luege wie mer wett 😀

      Sleek heisst glatt oder schnittig (ich has natürli i dem sinn bruucht, es bedüütet aso dass s picture of the week stylisch isch!)

      Love vo de PFLUUMA

  3. Mick says:

    daaaaanke, jetzt bin i beschtens informiert und fröi mi scho uf din nächschte Blog…:-)!!

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