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Sunday, May 14th, 2017


This week was so extremely busy for me that I actually have looaaads to tell you this time!

The week before that was quite normal, though, I just watched a lot of tv and had an exam AND a controlled assessment on the same day (Friday). On Saturday, we also went to a shopping centre which was nice.


On Monday, we had a dance rehearsal the whole day for our performance in London at the end of May. This meant we just danced the whole morning (very exhausting). In the afternoon, we had to tie-dye shirts as costumes for one of the choreographies. It was quite funny, although I got colour on my hands and my skin didn’t like it much! It also looked like I had huge bruises and Nora and Aniela were really worried for a second before I started laughing! 🙂

Then, on Tuesday, we had rehearsals for our minimusicals the whole morning. We tried to rehearse as best as we could without one of the main characters (Kai, who plays Freddie, had X-Factor auditions 🙂 ). I also accidentally broke the retractable knive… Oops

Now, let’s talk about Wednesday….

I had to be at school at 9 for final rehearsals for our minimusicals. We did that the whole morning and sadly, I broke the knife (that Robyn had fixed the night before) again… Oops, I did it again… Luckily, she got her Mum to buy a new one, so Susan didn’t have to beat Freddie to death with her fists or her cane!

We finished at about halfpast 12, which gave me half an hour to have lunch before I had my second English exam from 1 to 3…

Getting ready to perfooorm (but feeling exhausted after English)

When I finished that exam, I had about an hour to get ready for the minimusical performance that was assessed. Then we performed it (it went quite well, although I was really exhausted by the end of it) and watched some of the other performances.

And after that, no, I still wasn’t allowed to go home, we had to do our final controlled assessment (just write 800 words about the performance and the rehearsal process) from what must have been around halfpast 6 to halfpast 7…

After that, I went to get some food, then took the bus home. Because it was already late (I left Canterbury at 9) there weren’t many busses in Folkestone and I just missed one, so I had to walk home (for almost half an hour…)

Byebye Suuuusaaan

So, when I finally came home, I felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired, I just fell into bed. I can’t remember ever having been so exhausted before!

Thursday and Friday were both normal school days and when I didn’t have school, I mainly used the time to relax and regain my energy!

Tired bus selfie

Saturday was an aaaweeeesooooome day!! I went to London in the morning, where I met….


It was lovely to see her again, although she did force me to take pictures of her and Big Ben! 😉 While we were waiting to take pictures, we saw a couple that must have just married.

This alone wouldn’t have been worth mentioning in my blog, but the funny thing was, that, as soon as the bride left, another couple went in front of us and all of the sudden, the guy drops to down on his knees and proposes to the girl (She said yes). It was really cute and Melanie and I had to laugh because it was just a really funny situation!

The couple

After that we had lunch in Pizza Hut and just talked. It was great.

Apple juice in Pizza Hut

And theeeen…. It was musical time!!

I chose Mamma Mia because I thought that it would definitely help me for our performance and it was really great seeing a show, when you basically know the whole script! I just love ABBA music, so it was really enjoyable, although almost a bit too loud (I was close to a speaker).

After that amazing day, I just spent today at home, actually learning lines and songs for Mamma Mia. 🙂

And here the picture of the week, obviously featuring Susan!