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First of all, for my fans 😉 , who are sad because there hasn’t been a new entry, sorry! The first week I didn’t have a lot to tell and after that I was too busy to write one! But now the time has finally come!

The problem is that I don’t remember that much now, so I’ll have to rely on the pictures I took!

At some point in the last three weeks, I went to the cinema again (I LOOOVE MY UNLIMITED CAARD)

We also played a really intense game of Monopoly!

On one Sunday, we went to the American Gardens (I don’t know why they’re called that, though). They’re close to where Aniela has her bees so it was really easy to get there. Look at the looovely pictures I took!

On the last Wednesday before halfterm, we had another performance in the evening. We performed our Street Dance and the choreographies for the London performance (as a final rehearsal). It was so incredibly hot that day, it was awful! And we had to dance! IT WAS TOO HOT!

And theeeeeen on Saturday, the 27th of May! Finally we had our performance in London! In a proper theatre! A big one! IT WAS SO EXCITING!!

And after that, after 9 months (9 MONTHS!) I finally saw (part of) my family again!!! We spent a few days in London and it was just lovely and great!! We went to Camden Market, the Harry Potter studio tour, to Pizza Hut and to watch Book of Mormon! It was great!

Oh, and I also found the TARDIS!

I also saw Phantom of the Opera again (third time now) with Emil and it was amazing to just catch up with and spend some time with my awesoooome brother!

Here have another Clifftop Cafe picture because they’re just always nice!

That’s it already! I do apologise for this blog being really short and weird (at least there are nice pictures in it!) but it is quite difficult to remember what I did three weeks ago! 😉

And don’t worry, I did not forget the picture of the week:





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