Loads of Selfies!

Bonjour everyone!

You might be surprised to find me writing another entry so soon. One of the reasons I’m writing it is because I should do homework but am a bit lazy… And because I’m just really feeling in the mood to write another entry!

I’m really enjoying school at the moment! On Mondays, we always work on Rent and I love it. Last monday we learned some new choreography (we learned some tango steps for one song, it was fabulous) and I think Rent is going to be great!

Before I continue talking about school, a little story: I’ve had the same song as my alarm for about half a year. And slowly, I kind of started going back to sleep after hearing it (this weekend I didn’t even wake up anymore, I just slept through it). Because of that on Tuesday morning, I woke up ten minutes after I was supposed to leave the house. But the fabulous thing was that, because I’m a very organised person, I always leave some spare time, so I have a backup plan. Because of that I didn’t have to hurry at all and managed to get to school on time (and even found time to get a coffee!) This made me very happy and I had a great morning!

Now back to what we’re doing in school: In our dance lessons, we’re doing a really fun project. We’re going to do a kind of music video around our school, showing different stereotypes at school. So this means we learn small sections of choreography (one as cool kids, one as nerds, as emos and so on…) and in November we’ll actually film it, so I’m excited to see the final video in the end!

In Tony’s lessons, we’re working on several things. One of them is acting through song, which is great because it will help me to not just stand and sing a song but act it as well. We’re also doing quite a lot of research but I love it because I find it extremely interesting! Just the other day, I had to research Andrew Lloyd Webber, which I thought was great and we’re also learning about different types of musicals (Jukebox musicals, concept musicals, book musicals and so on, there are loads!). And because we know more about that now, we get to sing many different songs in studio class, which I love too, because I get to know so many new and awesome songs and act them properly as well!

But you’re never alone on the bus for a long time, at some point someone else will get on!

When I’m not at school I go to the cinema a lot (so many good movies coming out at the moment!) which is just so relaxing and awesome!

When I do the washing up I like to listen to musical songs so her have some late night washing up impressions:

Today we also went to the clifftop cafe again and I took some really nice pictures, the sea looked beautiful.

Because I’m still writing a lot and I plan to keep doing so, I decided to always put some writing updates at the end of an entry (before the picture of the week) so here are some writing fun facts:

  • My main character’s name is Lydia (and this is all you shall know about the story itself for now)
  • I’ve written over 93’047 words so far (that’s 137 A4 pages)!
  • I have a playlist with 109 songs that I listen to while I write.
  • I sometimes find myself googling odd things when I have to research things for my story.
  • I usually write around 1000 words a day (obviously it can be a lot more if I have time and feel like writing more!)
  • I think it takes me about an hour to write 1000 words but I’m not sure to be honest because I don’t really notice the passing of time when I write!
  • I love when my characters develop a life of their own and totally surprise me by doing things that I didn’t plan.

I hope you enjoyed those facts, I’ll probably try and put some facts in every entry from now on, if I can think of good new ones!

Aaand here have the two pictures of the week, this time featuring Dan the Dinosaur!




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  1. Dan a fan says:

    Liebe Lu
    5 von 90’000 Buchstaben sind schon etwas knausrig, um uns zu ködern, also mehr!

    • Pfluma says:

      90’000 Wörter, nöd Buechstabe! 😉 Und s wort Lydia hani bis etz 135 mal brucht, das sind drum 135 vo 90’000 wörter, da chamer sich doch nöd beklage! 😀

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