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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Hello, let me start off this last entry with my traditional opening:


Can you guess why?

CORRECT! It’s because I’ve been really busy ๐Ÿ˜€ I was so caught up in school and everything I was doing I didn’t even think about writing blog entries (and I might have been a bit lazy too!)

But now that I’m going home in a week (On the 10th of June), I wanted to write one last entry.

SOO let’s do this, I’ll categorise stuff to hopefully help my memory because it’s been two months and I can’t remember a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€


So I’m talking about the half term we had in the beginning of April. I had two weeks without school although we had two Spring Awakening rehearsals in the second week. But let me talk about the first week first (haha) because it was glorious: I spent the entire week working on my story, more specifically on its worldbuilding. Which means I did loads of research, drew maps and plans of buildings, wrote timelines, made up historical events and made family trees etc. It was amazing. The only problem is that my creative phase usually starts at like 9 in the evening soo I kind of stayed up until 4 or 5 in the morning and then slept until 12 for the whole week. I absolutely loved it and I’m planning on doing something similar this summer if I get the time. Now in the second week I had a Spring Awakening rehearsal on Wednesday morning. But because I wasn’t used to getting up early I just decided not to sleep on Monday night to be ready for Wednesday. It was fun and I spent the entire night and dayworking on my story while watching about 5 or 6 musicals.

On Thursday and Friday, three former exchange students of Aniela’s came (they stayed until Monday) to celebrate Aniela’s birthday on Saturday. It was really lovely and we had a great time.


Then on Monday, it was right back to school. A lot of it was Spring Awakening rehearsals but because there’s a separate section on that I’ll leave it for now. Other than Spring Awakening it was a lot of written work. We had to apply for a fake job (including creating a digital portfolio with videos of us performing) we had to do several evaluations and log books. One thing I want to mention because I actually quite enjoyed it is the individual performance we had to do. It needed to 5 to 8 minutes long and was aimed at primary school children and had to be educating and include the topics Hopes and Dreams as well as a Dr Seuss quote. I did a little mini musical about a girl who wants to be a singer and whose mother doesn’t understand the way she learns. I wrote the dialogue myself and wrote three short songs writing some original lyrics and using some quotes of Dr Seuss books. It was a lot of fun and because I accompanied myself on the piano it finally gave me a chance to play regularly for a bit which I really enjoyed!

Now I’m basically done with all of my school work which is really relieving but also a bit weird because I don’t have anything to do all of a sudden!

And in case anyone doesn’t know yet, I will be moving to Blackpool this September to study Musical Theatre there and I cannot wait!!!!

Unrelated: I went to Folkestone’s beach yesterday to build one last stone sculpture ๐Ÿ˜€


This week I had my last half term in England and Aniela and I went to Exeter a few days which was absolutely lovely. It was so great to see all these familiar places again and I even remembered the way to my school there without needing google maps! I still can’t believe it’s been four years since I went there, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

See some of my pictures!

Random Things

My unlimited card rรคn out in the beginning of May so before that, I went to have the ultimate cinema day. Ever since I got the card, I had the secret ambition of watching more than two movies. So I did. I went to see four movies in one day and it was totally worth it. IT WAS GREAT AND I DON’T CARE IF ANYONE JUDGES ME!

I also saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with Theo and OMG IT. IS. PERFECT.

And the last random thing: A few weeks back we went to have proper afternoon tea and I really enjoyed it. I’m gonna miss scones a lot when I get back to Switzerland, I can’t deny it.

Spring Awakening

I saved this one for last because I loved it most! Spring Awakening has been, I think, one of the best and definitely most intense experiences of my life! Rehearsals went so much better than they did for Mamma Mia or Rent and I think the biggest difference for me personally was that I absolutely adored playing Ilse which basically changes the whole experience. To start this off have some pictures of when we first got our costumes, it was a really exciting day!!!

And now I’ll talk about the week of the actual show. It was kind of like living in 19th century Germany for 5 days. It was exhausting, especially the tech run on Monday but I didn’t even mind. But most of all it was amazing. I played Ilse on Tuesday and on Thursday and I loved every second of it. On Thursday after the show I cried because it was my last show as Ilse. And on Friday I was an absolute mess and spent a solid half of an hour just sobbing and hugging everyone because it was the last show.

I still miss Spring Awakening and Ilse as I’m writing this to be honest and I think I’ll never ever forget this experience and it was an absolutely perfect end to these two years at the Canterbury Academy, although it was really sad and exhausting as well because the story and the characters were so complex and kind of depressing.

I can’t write anymore or I’ll start crying again (just kidding. Kind of) so have a look at some pictures (I have looaaads more but the blog’s being a bit annoying with uploading).

Wise And Really Deep Reflection ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yep, that’s what I did for my last two months in England. As I said, I’m leaving in a week and all I’m gonna do is finish up everything at school, say goodbye to everyone and just have a last look around all of my favourite places, maybe go to the cinema again and hopefully to the clifftop cafe and so on. I’ll definitely be really sad to leave but I’m so so excited to come back to Switzerland and see everyone again and then obviously I can’t wait to start a new chapter of my life in Blackpool this September and I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful to everyone who has made it possible for me to come and stay in England so I can keep doing what I love!!!! I had two amazing years!

That’s it. I loved writing this blog and I think I’ll definitely enjoy rereading it one day and I hope you enjoyed reading it too and I shall hopefully see you this summer in Switzerlaaand!

And here have what I’d call the picture of the year! Goodbye!



What happened to March?

Sunday, April 1st, 2018


I can’t actually believe that it’s April already and that’s it’s been over a month since my last blog entry! March has just passed too quickly for me to realise (and the lovely blog didn’t work the two times I did attempt to write something so that didn’t help either).

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy though! In the end of February and beginning of March I had my two last auditions and although I didn’t get in in either of them, both of them were fun days (except when that one guy fainted and lay there without blinking or moving for a few minutes, that was scary) and I’m proud of myself for going to all these auditions because I think I’ve learned a lot and it’s made me more confident, especially when performing monologues! At the same time, I was so happy and relaxed when I got back from the last one because it’s just one thing less to think about! And now the only thing left to do is to choose where I want to go! At the moment I’m quite sure I’ll go to Blackpool because that was my favourite audition by far and because the course sounds amazing!

Me after getting back from my last audition!

Also in the end of February, I had a different audition, the one for our next and last musical, Spring Awakening! I did a song from the show and because it’s set in Germany, I chose to do last few lines in German, which seems to have worked well becaauuse I got the role I wanted, Ilse, and it’s finally not a silly one which makes me incredibly happy! Rehearsals are going really well, we’ve actually finished staging the whole show with the exception of some choreographies and I’ve really grown to love Spring Awakening and can’t wait for the performances in the beginning of May!

Another thing I must talk about is what I now refer to as “The Snow Week”. It was the week of the 26th of February… There was snow… And it broke England. The only day I could go to school that week was Monday and the rest of it I spent at home because trains and busses weren’t running properly all week. It was very relaxing but also weird because, for me, having grown up where I have, it really wasn’t a lot of snow. But because the English aren’t prepared for that much snow they just can’t deal with it. So that’s why I suddenly had another nice week at home where I watched way too much tv and lazed around on the sofa.

I’ve also been to see loads of shows and all of them were amazing! In the end of February I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Hamilton AND IT WAS PERFECT, in the beginning of March I saw A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a play,starring Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville who were both fantastic, for my birthday I went to London to see The Book of Mormon and Les Miserables (Needless to say I had an absolutely fabulous birthday) and two days ago Aniela and I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Hรคndel’s Messiah.

In school we’ve mainly been working on Spring Awakening or doing rather boring written work so there’s not that much to say. We did go to a dance convention in London a few weeks ago where 15 of us got picked to do the Rent opening number once more (I was one of the lucky 15) and it was great performing in London and representing our school!

And now I have two weeks of halfterm and then another two months of school and then I’ll be done with school in Englaand! I know this has been a short blog entry but now at least you’re up to date with what’s happening again!

Aand here’s the picture of the… month ๐Ÿ˜€


Saturday, February 17th, 2018


The last two weeks have been really interesting and exciting!

Let’s talk about Rent first:

Before I talk about the actual performances I want to mention all the different roles I played (we had so many costume changes in the ensemble, it was quite mad!)

So here all of my little roles within the ensemble:

  • A Homeless Person
  • A Tango Dancer
  • A Girl going out at night (which is the nice description, I could also say it was a slighlty slutty dancer)
  • Normal Person in Street Clothes

And my two little solo roles:

  • Alexi Darling (on Wednesday and Friday)
  • Seasons of Love Soloist (On Friday)

It was such a great week all in all. We performed at the Tower Theatre in Folkestone (a 20 min walk from where I live) which was so great because the days were very long so it was the best thing to just be able to walk back afterwards and to not have to travel for hours (like some of my classmates).

Look at our amazing set!

Rehearsals (especially on Monday) were exhausting but the performances were awesome!! On Tuesday we had the first show and it went well for a first show and there were quite a few people there as well. Wednesday was absolutely amazing, there were over 200 people in the audience and everyone had amazing energy! On Thursday we had an afternoon show and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t too great either because there were very few people in the audience (like around 20 0r 30) and it just isn’t the same if you don’t get that energy from the audience!

And then Friday was absolutely awesome! The theater was SOLD OUT and because it was the last show, everyone put a lot of energy in it and it was a great last show (and very emotional, most people were crying and I almost did too). But at the same time I was very happy that when it was over because, as I’ve said before IT WAS A VERY EXHAUSTING EXPERIENCE!

No break for me yet, though, I still had an audition to get through the day after! So after getting about 4 hours of sleep I made my way up to the University of West London (with a stop for breakfast at Starbucks). Now I didn’t particularly care much about this audition because the Musical Theatre course there doesn’t have much dancing so I prefered Blackpool. But obviously I still tried my best and although my voice was a bit exhausted and croaky when I sang, I got offered a place for Voice in Performance there (they considered you for all their Performing Arts Courses and then decided which one they thought fit you best). I’m obviously really happy that I got offered another place for a University but Blackpool remains my favourite at the moment!

Breakfast at the train station in London

After the audition finished I treated myself to another show (NOT a musical this time!). I went to the O2 to see the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour (Strictly is a TV show where celebrities learn ballroom and latin dancing with a professional partner and I love watching it!). IT WAS FABULOUS!!! I loved it so much and was exactly what I needed after the exhausting week!

When I finally got home, I just went straight to bed, I was soooo tired!! I don’t even remember what I did on Sunday, I probably just slept for ages because finally, I had made it to the holiday, one week with no school and nothing to worry about!

On Monday I went to Theo’s to catch up with him and to embark on a mad Hannibal bingewatch (26 hours not including breaks). Theo fell asleep and missed most of the second season but I stayed strong and awake!! It was great because it’s my favourite tv show so watching all of it in one day was AMAZING and it was also great watching it with Theo because we made so many stupid jokes, it was really funny as well!

That was a great start to my halfterm week and I didn’t have any trouble going to sleep on Tuesday night! On wednesday I had my ballet lesson as usual and I actually feel like I’m making progress which is very motivating. The rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday I spent practising my audition monologues and songs and preparing for my Spring Awakening audition (and just singing my favourite musical songs in general!) On Thursday evening I went to a show in Canterbury: It was the tour of one of the Strictly Come Dancing professionals and it was amazing (As you might have noticed I am developing an addiction for Ballroom dancing!)

On Friday, I finally managed to go to the cinema again, I went to see Coco and the last Maze Runner movie. Coco was really cute and I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t have any expectations for the Maze Runner because I didn’t ike the second one buuuut this one absolutely surprised me in a positive way and also made me cry. Cry a lot. A. LOT. It made me cry in that way that kind of makes you feel tired and drained for the rest of the evening! But it was worth it and I kind of wanna see it again!

Post Cinema me! Do you see my dried tears?

And today I’ve been working on my story, going over my first draft! I’m not sure I mentioned this before but I ordered myself a hardcover copy so I can read through it as a proper book. I finished reading it some days ago and there are parts I loved and parts I NEED TO CHANGE! Which is what I’m working on now. I also ordered an A4 printed version to write in and mark everything I need to change. I started this afternoon and I’ve been working on it all day (for like 5 hours). It’s a lot of fun but also quite exhausting, especially because I only got through 22 pages in 5 hours (I did have the Winter Olympics on in the background, though, so that distracted me every now and then).

So that’s what I’ve been up to! After my really exhausting January, I feel so much happier now! I only have two auditions left and I already know exactly which songs and monologues to do for them so there’s no stress there and now with Rent done, I hope school will be a bit less exhausting as well. And having my story to work on is such a great and relaxing thing to do as well so at the moment I’m a very happy Pfluma and so grateful and happy that I’m able to do basically everything I love and want to do!

That’s it for today (I’ll go straight back to working on my good old story now, bye)! ๐Ÿ˜€


Sunday, February 4th, 2018


It has been a long long time for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been busy
  2. The stupid blog stopped working for ages

But now I am back

Firstly, I do apologize because this blog entry is going to be slightly boring and bleak because there won’t be any pictures in it! (Feel free to sigh in disappointment here). The reason for that is that I might or might not have drowned my poor old phone in a puddle and while it did work again for a while this afternoon, it refuses to charge at the moment, meaning I can’t access any of my pictures! Sorryyy (I know how much everyone loves seeing my selfies!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

So let’s see what I’ve been up to!


As you probably know, I want to study Musical Theatre and therefore have to audition for different universities and drama schools so here have a list of all the auditions I went to/am going to go to and how they went:

5.1.18: GSA

So this was my first audition EVER so I was really nervous and what didn’t help was that I was ill that day as well. The people at GSA and the other people who auditioned were absolutely lovely though, so it was a nice experience for a first audition! We had to sing a song first and then had a dance class. It went okay considering that I wasn’t feeling well but I kind of messed up the dance so it wasn’t enough for a recall which didn’t surprise me much seeing how good the school is and how many people audition for it!

6.1.18: University of Chichester

Now for this audition I felt even worse than the day before for GSA! My nose kept running all day and I didn’t have enough tissues with me so that was fun (SARCASM). The audition itself was nice though, we danced first and learned a choreography for He Lives In You from The Lion King. I tried my best but it was hard to pick up choreography because I didn’t feel great… After that everyone would go in individually to either do their song or their monologue first, and after everyone did that, they switched over and you did the other thing. The waiting was the worst thing ever and was mostly spent running to the toilet to steal some toilet paper I could use to blow my nose!! But the audition itself went great: I had to do my monologue first and the guy seemed to really like it and was also rather impressed with how many languages I can speak! I fought through my song as well although my voice wasn’t on its best either and then they wanted to hear how high I can sing and although I was scared my voice would break, it didn’t and I actually managed to sing very high and they seemed impressed again!

Which is probably why I got offered a place for their Music and Musical Theatre course some days later! (As you can guess I was very happy!!)

24.1.18: Blackpool and the Fylde College

Now as you might know Blackpool is in the North of England which means getting there was a bit mad: The audition was on Wednesday so I went up to London by train on Tuesday evening and from there got a coach to Blackpool which drove for like 8 hours overnight. I (kind of) slept on the coach and then arrived at Blackpool (it was really cold and really really windy!) The audition was my absolute favourite so far! After getting a quick tour and getting some information on the course, we did dance and there were some first year students joining in to make us feel more comfortable (which actually really helped me). Then we had to sing, got asked about why we chose our songs and what our favourite musicals were and then we had to do monologues and again got asked some things about ourselves and musicals! The teachers, students and other people auditioning were absolutely lovely and that’s why it was a really great day! After the audition I spent 5 hours at McDonalds, waiting for my coach back to London. At 10 pm I finally got on it and drove back to London (again overnight). I arrived back in Folkestone the next day at halfpast 8 and after an hour at home to take a shower, I went to school!

It was absolutely mad and also totally worth it beeecaaauuse, I got offered a place for Musical Theatre less than a week after the auditions! I was absolutely thrilled and I could definitely imagine studying there!

1.2.18: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Noow, youย  might not believe it buuut, I was ill again for this audition (so. annoying.) which was one of the reason this audition wasn’t a nice experience for me. Although this school was one of my absolute favourites just from reading the course details, I’ve changed my opinion since the audition: No one was nasty at the audition but now one was really warm and nice either… It just didn’t feel like the right place for me to be honest and many of the people weren’t the kind of people I’d want to study with for three years either. The audition itself (first doing the song and monologue, then dance) didn’t go horribly but it didn’t go really well either, simply because my voice was croaky and I didn’t feel well. So as you might have guessed I didn’t get a recall for that school and I’m not too disappointed about that either!

So those were the auditions I had so far, three moooore tooooo gooooo:

10.2.18: University of West London

22.2.18: Mountview

6.3.18: Arts Ed


Now as if the auditions weren’t enough, we’ve been very busy at school as well: We’ve still been working on Rent (Performance week starts tomorrow!!) which took up a lot of time and was very very exhausting!! Last Tuesday we finally had our recitals where we did solos and duets (and trios). We got assessed on the acting through song and although the thing itself was fun, it could be annoying to have to work with other people who didn’t learn their lyrics or harmonies! But in the end it all worked out and all the three songs I did went very well so I’m happy with that (and glad it’s over, one less thing to worry about!) We also have quite a bit of theory work going on which is rather boring but well you just gotta do it…. Some weeks ago we also got told which musical we’ll do as our Year 13 Musical: Spring Awakening! I don’t know it well so I’m not sure yet whether I like it or not but it’ll definitely be interesting (the auditions are on the 22nd and 23rd of February).


Now with all that going on, I still made time to keep writing my story aaand I ACTUALLY FINISHED A FIRST DRAFT OF IT SOME WEEKS AGO!!! It’s almost 160’000 words long and I am so happy I actually managed to finish something that long, although I have to admit there was something a bit melancholy about it because I’ve spent so much time with the characters and especially in Lydia’s head so I kind of miss her now! After finishing it I let it be for a while to get some distance from it (and because I was very busy) so now I’ll hopefully be able to work on it soon and improve and rewrite it! I love it and I’m also starting to think of new stories to write so I’m very excited about all that!

Musicals and Cinema

Now when I wasn’t busy with school or auditions and not too exhausted because of them, I treated myself to some good movies or musicals: I started the new year with The Woman in White (an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical no one knows) in London. It was absolutely amazing and Aniela and I spent a lovely day in London and went to the Natural History Museum as well which was great too! Just two days later I was back in London with Theo for a musical day: We watched An American in Paris in the afternoon and Kinky Boots in the evening. It was a lovely day although I was a bit tired afterwards! I’ve also been to the cinema several times to see the same movie again and again: The Greatest Showman. It’s a movie musical and the music is just so beautiful and the movie just makes me so happy (it also makes me cry but in a good way) so I just couldn’t stay away and had to see it three times!

And now lastly let me talk about last Thursday, when I had my last audition: Now I already said that I didn’t get a recall which meant the audition finished at halfpast one for me (the people who got a recall stayed for more in the afternoon). I had already bought a ticket to see The Woman in White again in the evening (because it’s just fantastic and has an amazing cast and it closes in a week) but my afternoon was free so I spontaneously went to see the matinee of Phantom of the Opera because I didn’t have anything better to do and I had wanted to see the new cast anyway! It was great and there’s something really exciting about just walking into a theatre and getting a ticket there and then instead of having it planned! So the musicals on that day were both fantastic but I also managed to break my phone that day by dropping it into a puddle right before I went to the Woman in White so that was rather stressful (I asked a friendly guy at the theatre whether I could use his phone to let Aniela know that I’m fine and it’s just my phone that isn’t)!

Now I’ve spent the weekend resting, getting well again, reading an entire book (there seems to be a lot more time if one doesn’t have a phone!) and ordering a new phone (although the old one doesย  kind of work again every now and then after a long bath in rice). And tomorrow we’re having our first Rent rehearsal in the theatre and the day after, it’s the first show!!! It’s going to be an exciting and exhausting week!

I think that’s enough for now, I hope the blog won’t abandon me again and that I’ll have some more peaceful days ahead after this crazy and busy first month of 2018!

Busy Luna

Sunday, December 10th, 2017


It’s been a while, for several reasons!

First, because in October I went home for two weeks (as I’m sure you all know because I probably saw you at some point in these two weeks).


Second reason, there has been so much going on that I honestly did not have time (or was too lazy) to write a new entry. But now I’ve had a lovely and very relaxing weekend so for the first time in ages, I’m in the mood for a new BLOG ENTRY!

So here we go, I have loads to tell you all, so get ready!!!

In the last two months, we’ve had quite a few performances, with two more to come next week. We performed the opening number from Rent on our school’s sixth form open evening (I also got to play the piano again). In the Christmas Sharing this week, we did the opening number again, as well as Seasons of Love, where I got to do a small solo which obviously was nice. We also did a Christmas choreography which was quite funny and included things like a slow motion section where we pretended to be people running into a shop to buy presents and a section where the girls all had to dance around Santa and in the end run off after him screaming. Next week it’s the Christmas Cabaret (on Tuesday and Wednesday) where we’re going to do Seasons of Love again and sing in the background of the finale. I’m glad when that’s finally over because the rehearsals are just exhausting because there are so many people and children there.

Back in November, we filmed that dance video that I mentioned before and it was a lot of fun but also incredibly exhausting (we started at 1 and finished shooting at halfpast 5, without a break!). Sadly, I don’t have a lot of pictures and none of me in costume because we did not have any time for taking pictures, it was that stressful. We just got to see the final video a few days ago and it’s really funny, I hope I’ll be able to get it somehow so I can show it to people who want to see it!

Also back in November, it was Fran’s birthday and on her birthday weekend, we had a lovely lunch in a restaurant in Canterbury on Sunday and on Saturday, Darren organised a murder mystery, which is basically Cluedo in real life, so everyone there had a part and you had to figure out who the killer is by asking each other questions. Everyone gets information on their characters so they know how to answer the questions and in the beginning everyone had to draw a number and one of the numbers had a cross next to it, meaning that you’re the murderer.

Guess who’s number had a cross next to it?

YES IT WAS ME! I was the murderer, which was slightly stressful because while everyone made notes and was busy figuring out who the murderer was, I had to pretend to take notes so I wouldn’t look suspicious and also make sure to hide the fact I’m the killer. Out of about ten people, only one of them figured out it was me, so by the end of the evening I was incredibly pleased with myself and proud of my acting skills. I was the young widow of the murder victim so I had a lot of fun playing that and it was an absolutely great evening!

And aalsoo back in November, Aniela went on a holiday for a week and while I wasn’t alone at home at night because Sandra from next door came over, it did feel a lot like that because she would come over quite late so I was on my own most of the time.

I absolutely loved it! I got a lot of homework and stuff done and also cleaned a lot. Once I also baked muffins (quite late at night but who cares?!) and then at the weekend I might or might not have bingewatched the entire last season of Teen Wolf (20 episodes, 40 minutes each, it was great). I only had a little powernap for half an hour in the early morning to keep me going, it was glorious, I tell you! Have a look at my bingewatch impressions, I think they’re very expressive!


In school, there’s not much new, we’re still doing Rent (almost done with Act 1 now!) and still working on acting through song. One fabulous thing we got offered are monologue classes on wednesday afternoons. I’ve been there three times now and it’s great and really helpful (partly because not many people bother to show up, which means private lessons with two professional actors for me!) There’s also a new fitness and conditioning class on thursday which I really enjoy because it just feels good to be doing something. Then, outside of school I’ve finally finally got myself together and found a ballet class to go to in Folkestone, on a Wednesday morning. I’ve been there twice now and I LOVE IT. Sadly, they have half term now, so the next lesson will be in the beginning of January and I’m already looking forward to it!

As you can see, I’ve been very busy and adding to that, I’ve also been researching and applying for universities and drama schools in England (and one in Scotland). I haven’t sent any of the applications off yet but I will probably send the first ones tomorrow because I’ve finally filled out everything and decided on the universities I want to apply to. There’s something very stressful about universities and the thought of all the auditions I’ll have to do!! But now that I have the monologue and ballet class I feel like I’ll hopefully be prepared enough!!

Random story: On mondays and tuesdays I need to get up at six thirty, and as mentioned in my last blog entry, I didn’t hear my alarm once. So now, with my new and really loud alarm tone, I felt very safe until last tuesday, when I woke up more than an hour after I was supposed to get up. It’s a bit scary how quickly I get so used to an alarm that it doesn’t even wake me up anymore (I’m not sure I’m too pleased about my “turning off the alarm in my sleep” skill either). So I was a bit late for school that day and now my alarm is so loud, I almost jump every time I hear it because IT IS SO LOUD.

Christmas is obviously adding to the stress slightly as well because there are so many people around everywhere and because I still need to buy some presents!! But not this weekend: Because I’ll be in Switzerland for actual Christmas, we had an early Christmas Dinner with Fran and Darren today, including opening presents. It was a lovely day and after eating, we watched Gremlins, which was funny because I just have this vague memory of it because I know I’ve watched it before, years ago. So we had a lovely day today.

This weekend has been awesome in general: On friday evening we went to an Unlimited Screening of the new Jumanji movie (Unlimited screening means it’s only for people with an unlimited card and it’s some days before everyone else can see it). The movies was fabulous and really funny, exactly what I needed after an exhausting school week! Then on Saturday, Aniela and I went to London, to the Royal Albert Hall, where we watched Beauty and the Beast with live orchestra. It was absolutely amazing and it just gets more emotional with live music. Yep, I had a great weekend!!

And no, I have not forgotten it: Although I haven’t made as much progress on my story as I did in September and October, I STILL WROTE QUITE A BIT! My word count is 119’789 words at the moment (I’ll probably get it to 120’000 tonight) and I’m still loving it, it’s just really relaxing for me and I can’t quite believe how far I’ve gotten in the story because for so many years, I’ve just kind of developed it in my head, so it’s just so exciting for me to see it all come together now and to see how far my characters have come and how they’ve changed!!!! I’m also dreading finishing it! There’s still quite a bit of story left, so I shouldn’t think about that yet but still, it’s gonna be quite sad once all of Lydia’s story is told and there’s no more because you obviously grow to really care about your characters (the ones that I don’t kill off anyway! Just kidding(maybe) ๐Ÿ˜‰ )!

Before the picture of the week (months?!?), I just need to tell you all to go and watch the movie “Wonder” because it is an absolutely amazing movie and it was so good that I forgot to eat my m&ms in the cinema because I was so taken with the movie!!! Also, because this might well be my last entry in 2017, I wish everyone a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I’LL BE BACK IN 2018!!!

I found it quite hard to choose a picture but because it’s so cold and rainy all the time, I felt like this picture would be very fitting:

This is me right after coming home, IT’S SO DARK AND COLD OUTSIDE!!

Loads of Selfies!

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Bonjour everyone!

You might be surprised to find me writing another entry so soon. One of the reasons I’m writing it is because I should do homework but am a bit lazy… And because I’m just really feeling in the mood to write another entry!

I’m really enjoying school at the moment! On Mondays, we always work on Rent and I love it. Last monday we learned some new choreography (we learned some tango steps for one song, it was fabulous) and I think Rent is going to be great!

Before I continue talking about school, a little story: I’ve had the same song as my alarm for about half a year. And slowly, I kind of started going back to sleep after hearing it (this weekend I didn’t even wake up anymore, I just slept through it). Because of that on Tuesday morning, I woke up ten minutes after I was supposed to leave the house. But the fabulous thing was that, because I’m a very organised person, I always leave some spare time, so I have a backup plan. Because of that I didn’t have to hurry at all and managed to get to school on time (and even found time to get a coffee!) This made me very happy and I had a great morning!

Now back to what we’re doing in school: In our dance lessons, we’re doing a really fun project. We’re going to do a kind of music video around our school, showing different stereotypes at school. So this means we learn small sections of choreography (one as cool kids, one as nerds, as emos and so on…) and in November we’ll actually film it, so I’m excited to see the final video in the end!

In Tony’s lessons, we’re working on several things. One of them is acting through song, which is great because it will help me to not just stand and sing a song but act it as well. We’re also doing quite a lot of research but I love it because I find it extremely interesting! Just the other day, I had to research Andrew Lloyd Webber, which I thought was great and we’re also learning about different types of musicals (Jukebox musicals, concept musicals, book musicals and so on, there are loads!). And because we know more about that now, we get to sing many different songs in studio class, which I love too, because I get to know so many new and awesome songs and act them properly as well!

But you’re never alone on the bus for a long time, at some point someone else will get on!

When I’m not at school I go to the cinema a lot (so many good movies coming out at the moment!) which is just so relaxing and awesome!

When I do the washing up I like to listen to musical songs so her have some late night washing up impressions:

Today we also went to the clifftop cafe again and I took some really nice pictures, the sea looked beautiful.

Because I’m still writing a lot and I plan to keep doing so, I decided to always put some writing updates at the end of an entry (before the picture of the week) so here are some writing fun facts:

  • My main character’s name is Lydia (and this is all you shall know about the story itself for now)
  • I’ve written over 93’047 words so far (that’s 137 A4 pages)!
  • I have a playlist with 109 songs that I listen to while I write.
  • I sometimes find myself googling odd things when I have to research things for my story.
  • I usually write around 1000 words a day (obviously it can be a lot more if I have time and feel like writing more!)
  • I think it takes me about an hour to write 1000 words but I’m not sure to be honest because I don’t really notice the passing of time when I write!
  • I love when my characters develop a life of their own and totally surprise me by doing things that I didn’t plan.

I hope you enjoyed those facts, I’ll probably try and put some facts in every entry from now on, if I can think of good new ones!

Aaand here have the two pictures of the week, this time featuring Dan the Dinosaur!




Writing and writing and more writing!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017


Yes I am still alive! But sadly, the wifi is not most of the time which made it pretty much impossible for me to write a blog entry! But luckily it should be sorted in some weeks (and is obviously working at the moment).

I really have to go by pictures here because I don’t really remember everything I did! The followingย pictures tell me that I’ve been to London to see Jesus Christ Superstar in the end of September! It was absolutely brilliant and we were really really lucky with the weather seeing how it had been the week before we went. But there wasn’t a single drop of rain that evening and with a warm blanket, it wasn’t even that cold!

I’ve also still been writing like a mad person, at the moment my story is over 80’000 words long (which is 3000 words longer than the first harry potter book if you want something to compare that to!) I’m enjoying it so much, it’s a lovely way to end my day by writing some words every evening before I go to bed. So here have loads of writing impressions!

At some point, we had auditions for Rent! My auditions went well and I got good feedback from the teachers, although I didn’t get a main role. But still, I have a smaller role and I’m Vocal Captain which means I get to tell people off if they don’t sing the right harmonies. So I’m still really excited because Rent is just a fabulous musical and being in the ensemble is great fun too!!

Gru the pig helped me with my auditions (the teachers loved her!)

Last wednesday, I was asked to play the piano at an open evening of the Canterbury Academy. I basically just played for an hour at the entrance of the school, so people had something to listen to when they arrived. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed playing again and because I wasn’t the centre of the attention, there wasn’t any sort of pressure, either, so it was just great! The cutest thing that happened was a little kid running up to the piano wanting to play too. The parents apologised a lot when it interrupted me playing but I just thought it was adorable!

And before the picture of the week, some random pictures:

And here’s the picture of the week, it might look slightly familiar!

Be Lu!! Yes I’m still being Lu! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Sunday, September 17th, 2017



I personally didn’t miss myself but then I do see myself everyday so that’s a bit different but who knows? ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, I have been back in England for two weeks now and I have grown used to everything again really quickly!

But let’s start at the beginning with a little story! (Yes, this is going to be in story form again (partly), simply because I’ve been writing a lot those last two weeks, I’ve written over 20’000 words on one of my stories!)

Once upon a time…

Luna went to the airport and bid goodbye to her family before embarking on her newest, dangerous quest:

Getting to Folkestone without losing any suitcases or missing trains (or planes).

Luna managed to get through security checks unscathed and then happily sat down, waiting for her plane to arrive. She was about to start listening to her motivating main character playlist on her phone, when she got spoken to by a smiling woman. Luna immediately got suspicious but decided to not yet reveal her superhero powers. It was the right choice. The woman had a simple quest for Luna, she wanted to know her opinion of the Great Zurich Airport!

No problem! Luna quickly filled out the questions and handed them back to the woman. And it was worth the time, as Luna got delicious Swiss Chocolate as a gift! Yay!

Feeling great because of the fulfilled quest, Luna spent most of the flight sleeping and listening to music to regain her strength for the rest of the demanding journey. At the airport, Luna, among hundreds of other heroes, found her way to the train station, where she had to wait in a queue for half an hour to get what she wanted: A ticket for the train. She did consider using her magic powers but then decided that it wouldn’t be fair on the other heroes, so she stayed in the queue and when she finally had her ticket, she went on the train where she spent the next hour, looking heroic.

Then, Luna arrived at London St. Pancras Station. Now she was on familiar territory, as St. Pancras had been the start of many of Luna’s great adventures. She got on another train, which was another great achievement (Let’s not forget here that Luna mastered the whole journey with a massive 20 kg suitcase and hand luggage!).

Then, finally, Luna arrived in Folkestone where she got her reward. The thing she had been waiting for all day:

A cup of tea.

And she lived happily ever after!

Chocolate Present at the airport!

That was the story of my journey but now let’s get serious! I arrived in Folkestone and it was absolutely lovely to see Aniela again and we did actually have a cup of tea and caught up on what the other one had been doing over summer. In the evening, we watched X Factor which had just started again and next day (Sunday) we watched Victoria as well. It’s so nice to watch these shows again because I still remember them from last year! We also went to the Clifftop Cafรฉ on Sunday and I can tell you, the view from there is still as beautiful as the last time I was there!

I missed Scooonees


Beautiful view from the Clifftop Cafรฉ

After a relaxing weekend I had to go back to school to enrol on Monday! I can tell you, it was much easier this year! The whole enrolling took about half an hour (and I actually managed to get my timetable that day!!) I spent the rest of the day meeting up with Theo and I was very happy to see him again!

Back on the bus!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t have school yet, which was really nice. Because I already have my Unlimited Card I obviously had to use it on my free day, so I went to see Everything Everything and The Limehouse Golem at the cinema in Ashford (it was great to be back there and both movies were very good!). Wednesday I just chilled at home (to recover from the cinema ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Happy on the train after the cinema!!

On Thursday, school started and it was quite annoying, actually. We still have to wrap up some Units from last year, which basically means loads of written work (not for me, because I finished most of it). But it’s still quite boring… So school hasn’t been that interesting these first two weeks but there’s one awesome thing that happened:

This year we’re doing a musical with all the Musical Theatre students (year 12 and year 13, which means we’re 50 people) and we got told which musical it is last Monday.

The Musical iiiiis….


Rent? You might ask now. To be honest, I didn’t know Rent (I obviously knew it existed and kind of what it was about, but I had never listened to it) but I quickly changed that fact by buying the CD, listening to it and then watching the movie. Let me tell you, it’s totally depressing but absolutely amazing and I really love it! So I am very excited for that.

And hopefully, as soon as we finish all the written work, we’ll start doing more practical things as well. I am very excited for everything that’s to come this year. We’re gonna be very busy in school, I think! ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than that I haven’t done that much because I’ve just been relaxing in front of the TV or writing my story (I might have also gone back to the cinema to see The Limehouse Golem again…), so that’s it for now!!

Not quite, wait, I just need to mention here that the weather is really crazy at the moment! It’s really cold for September (especially compared to last year) and it rains all the time (but then it’s really sunny five minutes later) and it’s just very odd!


Here’s my picture of the week, it’s the headshot we had taken at school last monday! ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, this was the reason for the make up practise ๐Ÿ˜‰

West End Live!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


First, I do apologize for not writing anything in ages but I genuinely sat down to write an entry last week. Then I checked my phone and realised that I barely had any new pictures and didn’t really know what to say either. Buut now I think I have enough together to write something new!

So first let me tell you what I’ve been up to in school: That won’t surprise you but we have been working on Mamma Mia a lot! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rehearsals can get very exhausting but I still love learning the choreographies and harmonies! We are making a lot of progress and I ย think it’s going to be great!. I am soo excited for the performance!! )It’s already in three weeks!!

In a bit more than a week, we’ll also have our recitals (everyone sings two songs). I will sing Please Don’t Make Me Love You from Dracula and The Witch from Big Fish, which are both awesome songs. I love singing them and have been working on them for a long time now, so I am very excited for that too (and I’ll hopefully get someone to film it, so you can see it too!) ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s that for school! When I’m not there, I am usually quite lazy and watch a lot of tv shows but every now and then I do leave the house!

Once for example, I left the house to go to Theo’s to… WATCH TV ๐Ÿ˜€ We did a Harry Potter Marathon and it was awesome!! (and over 20 hours long) I stayed strong and didn’t fall asleep at all (Theo slept for an hour or so) and it was worth being totally tired the evening after!

On one weekend, Nora, Aniela and I went to the beach to have a barbeque and that was lovely too. I took some funny stone pictures then!

Nora and I also made muffins at one point! ๐Ÿ˜€

We went to a different beach as well where you can find parts of little fossils and spent some time looking for them. We found quite a lot!

Then we also had this one week where it was just too hot and the first thing I’d do when coming home after school is take shower as cold as possible (You cannot imagine how hot it got on the bus in the afternooon!!!!)

IT WAS TOO HOT (Also look how long my hair is!)

But luckily it cooled down a bit and now I’m fnally coming to most awesome part of this blog entry:

Last weekend, Theo and I went to London to watch West End Live. West End Live is a FREE (how amazing is that!?!?) two day long open air event and there’s just this big stage in Trafalgar Square and there are performances all day long (mostly West End Musicals like Wicked, Phantom of the Opera Les Mis etc) as well as performers doing solos. IT WAS GREAT AND SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVED IT SOOO MUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!

And because we already were in London, I felt like I had to watch a full musical as well so Theo and I went to see Book of Mormon (I’ve seen it three times already now and I still want to see it again and again because it’s the most funny and best thing ever!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

So that was my weekend!!

And now comes the part of our story that gets a little bit sad: (that’s a book of mormon quote by the way)

So yesterday was Nora’s last evening (she doesn’t leave England until Thursday but she’s spending the last few days at her friend’s place). It was quite sad and the house does feel quite empty at the moment. But luckily I’ll meet her in Canterbury tomorrow to properly say goodbye. I will miss her a lot!!

So here’s the picture of the week (month?) in honour of Nora!


I’m too lazy to think of a title

Sunday, June 4th, 2017


First of all, for my fans ๐Ÿ˜‰ , who are sad because there hasn’t been a new entry, sorry! The first week I didn’t have a lot to tell and after that I was too busy to write one! But now the time has finally come!

The problem is that I don’t remember that much now, so I’ll have to rely on the pictures I took!

At some point in the last three weeks, I went to the cinema again (I LOOOVE MY UNLIMITED CAARD)

We also played a really intense game of Monopoly!

On one Sunday, we went to the American Gardens (I don’t know why they’re called that, though). They’re close to where Aniela has her bees so it was really easy to get there. Look at the looovely pictures I took!

On the last Wednesday before halfterm, we had another performance in the evening. We performed our Street Dance and the choreographies for the London performance (as a final rehearsal). It was so incredibly hot that day, it was awful! And we had to dance! IT WAS TOO HOT!

And theeeeeen on Saturday, the 27th of May! Finally we had our performance in London! In a proper theatre! A big one! IT WAS SO EXCITING!!

And after that, after 9 months (9 MONTHS!) I finally saw (part of) my family again!!! We spent a few days in London and it was just lovely and great!! We went to Camden Market, the Harry Potter studio tour, to Pizza Hut and to watch Book of Mormon! It was great!

Oh, and I also found the TARDIS!

I also saw Phantom of the Opera again (third time now) with Emil and it was amazing to just catch up with and spend some time with my awesoooome brother!

Here have another Clifftop Cafe picture because they’re just always nice!

That’s it already! I do apologise for this blog being really short and weird (at least there are nice pictures in it!) but it is quite difficult to remember what I did three weeks ago! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And don’t worry, I did not forget the picture of the week: